Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Empire Of The Sun news

Alt-electro group Empire Of The Sun return with their third studio album, Two Vines, set for release on Oct. 28 via Astralwerks. First single "High & Low" offers a glimpse into the Australian duo's newest dreamlike kingdom.

The video can be viewed HERE; the track can also be streamed on Spotify HERE. The pre-order for Two Vines is underway HERE. Fans who pre-order the digital album will instantly receive "High & Low."

"We always saw Empire as a movie," says Nicholas Littlemore, the co-pilot with Luke Steele of this fantastic vessel of electro-futurist sound and vision. "The whole concept was based around childhood fantasies; being in bed and staring at the posters on your wall, whether they were monster movies or outlandish rock stars or pieces of art. We always wanted to be one of those posters on a child's wall that had so much imagination locked into it, a kind of invitation that pushes you over the edge into dream world. With this record, it's time to take that next step."

Recorded in Hawaii and Los Angeles, Two Vines is co-produced by Empire Of The Sun and Peter Mayes (Sia, The Killers, Mika), alongside long-term collaborator Donnie Sloan. It sees the creative circle expanding, with esteemed pianist/arranger Henry Hey and bassist Tim Lefebvre, from David Bowie's Blackstar band, featuring heavily on the album. Factor in Wendy Melvoin from Prince's Revolution and Fleetwood Mac's genius guitarist/vocalist Lindsey Buckingham, and the Empire's rainbow has never been so vast and colorful.

"Going to Hawaii to record was the best idea," says Luke Steele of sessions at Honolulu's Avex Studios. "That was the catalyst for me. I'd spend the morning surfing, then roll in and make music into the night."
Two Vines also includes Manny Marroquin's new remix of "Walking On A Dream," Empire Of The Sun's RIAA certified platinum hit. "Walking On A Dream"originally appeared on the band's 2008 debut album of the same name. In early 2016, the eight-year-old single began rocketing to the top of the radio and Shazam charts after it was heard in Honda's "The Dreamer" commercial - now the #1 Most Shazamed U.S. television spot ever. With more than 100 million streams, "Walking On A Dream" became a global smash hit. Views of the official video now exceed 50 million.

Track listing:

1. Before
2. High and Low
3. Two Vines
4. Friends
5. There's No Need
6. Way To Go
7. Ride
8. Digital Life
9. First Crush
10. ZZZ
11. To Her Door
12. Keystone
13. Lend Me Some Light
14. Welcome To My Life
15. Walking On A Dream (Manny Marroquin remix)

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