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New Order's 1983 album to get deluxe box set treatment

New Order have announced the definitive collection of their 1983 studio album POWER, CORRUPTION, & LIES due out Oct. 2 via Rhino Records. The collection which includes an LP, two CDs, two DVDs and a book, features the album remastered for the first time from the original analogue tape masters on LP and CD.

The Extras CD contains previously unreleased writing sessions from New Order’s Manchester rehearsal rooms and the 1982 John Peel Session for the BBC. The DVDs capture New Order live during 1982 and 1983 at The Hacienda and Kilkenny, the 1984 Play at Home Channel 4 TV documentary and other rare live & TV performances. Finally, a hardback book of rare photos and original text collated by Warren Jackson completes the limited edition box designed by Peter Saville.

The boxed set will be accompanied by individual releases of the four 12” vinyl singles from 1983/1984 that didn’t appear on the original LP, beginning with the best selling 12” of all time “Blue Monday,” followed by “Confusion,” “Thieves Like Us”, and “Murder.”

POWER, CORRUPTION, & LIES was recorded in 1982 at Britannia Row Studios, Islington and produced by New Order.

Track Listing:

Power, Corruption & Lies (for CD and LP) (2020 remaster)
1. “Age of Consent”
2. “We All Stand”
3. “The Village”
4. “5 8 6”
5. “Your Silent Face”
6. “Ultraviolence”
7. “Ecstacy”
8. “Leave Me Alone”

Power Corruption & Lies - Extras (CD)
Writing Session Recordings
1. “Age Of Consent” *
2. “The Village” *
3. “5 8 6” *
4. “Your Silent Face” *
5. “Ecstacy” *
6. “Leave Me Alone” *

John Peel Session
7. “Turn The Heater On”
8. “We All Stand”
9. “Too Late”
10. “5 8 6”

John Peel Session Outtake
11. “Too Late” (instrumental rough mix) *

New York Session Outtake
12. “Thieves Like Us” (New York demo #1) *

Writing Session Recordings
13. “Thieves Like Us” *
14. “Murder” *
15. “Blue Monday” *
16. “Blue Monday” *

Album Session Recordings
17. “Blue Monday” (instrumental outtake) *
*Previously unreleased

New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies DVD

Live Shows
The Hacienda, Manchester, 1982
“In A Lonely Place”
“The Village”
“We All Stand”
“Chosen Time”
“5 8 6 ”
“Everything's Gone Green”

Recorded on June 26, 1982

Rosehill Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland 1983 
“We All Stand”
“Leave Me Alone”
“The Village”
“Age Of Consent”
“Blue Monday”
“Everything's Gone Green”

Recorded on April 24, 1983
TV Sessions

BBC Top Of The Pops, London, 1983
Blue Monday 

Countdown - 1983

Switch - 1983
“Age Of Consent”
“Blue Monday”

BBC Top Of The Pops, London, 1984
“Thieves Like Us”

The Hacienda, Manchester, 1983
“Your Silent Face”
“5 8 6”

Recreation Centre, Tolworth, 1983
“We All Stand”
“Leave Me Alone”

Tower Ballroom, Birmingham, 1983
“Love Will Tear Us Apart”

First Avenue, Minneapolis, 1983

Uni-Mensa, Dusseldorf, 1984
“The Village”

Alabamahalle, Munich, 1984
“Thieves Like Us”
“Blue Monday”

Metropol, Berlin, 1984
“Lonesome Tonight”

Play At Home
Channel 4 documentary made by New Order

Live Show
The Hacienda, Manchester, 1983
“Blue Monday”
“Age Of Consent”
“Lonesome Tonight”
“Your Silent Face”
“Leave Me Alone”
“5 8 6”
“Thieves Like Us”
“In A Lonely Place”
“Everything's Gone Green”

Recorded on July 20, 1983

SINGLES (2020 remaster)
Blue Monday
Side 1 Blue Monday
Side 2 The Beach

Side 1 Confusion
Confused Beats
Side 2 Confusion Instrumental
Confusion (Rough Mix)

Thieves Like Us
Side 1 Thieves Like Us
Side 2 Lonesome Tonight

Side 1 Murder
Side 2 Thieves Like Us Instrumental

Indie pop/rocker Cut Worms returns with double album in October

Cut Worms, the moniker of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and multi-disciplined visual artist Max Clarke, announces his new double album, Nobody Lives Here Anymore, out on Oct. 9 through Jagjaguwar. He has unveiled two new singles - “Sold My Soul” with an accompanying video and “God Bless The Day.”

Max immediately started writing material for his sophomore LP after an extensive eighteen-months of touring in support of 2017’s Alien Sunset and 2018’s Hollow Ground. Mining his life-long devotion to the lost American songbook for inspiration, he stockpiled nearly thirty new songs by the time he flew to Memphis to work with producer Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording Studio.

Unlike earlier works that were meticulously demoed, Max opted for rough drafts to capture something more immediate and honest. Most of the initial takes were tracked live with Noah Bond on drums, while Max sang and played rhythm guitar. Max then built lush arrangements around these intimate performances. A skeleton crew of friends and Memphis all-stars were called in to lay down pedal steel, sax, and strings. When all was said and done, they had recorded 17 new cosmic Americana gems.

“Sold My Soul” and “God Bless The Day” follow previously released singles “Unnatural Disaster,” “Baby Come On,” and “Castle in the Clouds.”

“Sold My Soul” has an accompanying video, directed and shot by Caroline Gohlke on Route 66 from Chicago to Oklahoma.

Max says Nobody Lives Here Anymore is about “throwaway consumer culture and how the postwar commercial wet dreams never came true, how nothing is made to last.” He considers the golden years of a society on its last leg with poignant curiosity, suggesting not only that nobody lives the American dream, but that nobody lives here, in this moment, anymore. “It’s about homesickness for childhood, for a place that never really existed.”

1. The Heat Is On
2. Unnatural Disaster
3. Last Words To A Refugee
4. All The Roads
5. Every Once In A While
6. Looks Like Rain
7. A Love So Fine
8. Veteran’s Day
9. Sold My Soul
10. Castle In The Clouds
11. Baby Come On
12. Walk With Me
13. Won’t Get It Right
14. Always On My Mind
15. The Golden Sky
16. God Bless The Day
17. Cave of Phantoms

Out now digitally: reissue of Josie Cotton's 'Convertible Music' from 1982

“This record changed everything for me,” says singer JOSIE COTTON about her debut album CONVERTIBLE MUSIC which has been reissued digitally on her Kitten Robot Records. “I was the annoying girl with demo tapes getting turned down all over town.”

Originally released in 1982 by Elektra Records, Convertible Music kicked off a storied and perennial career of one of New Wave’s most unique voices. Famously featured in the seminal 1983 film Valley Girl (the second feature by director Martha Coolidge that starred Deborah Foreman, E.J. Daily and was the leading man debut of Nicolas Cage), Josie performed her two breakthrough singles from this album “He Could Be The One” and the controversial and often misunderstood “Johnny, Are You Queer?” at the prom scene.

This reissue of the album includes "(Let’s Do) The Blackout” as a bonus track. “I’m very excited about [releasing this song],” she says. “It was on the B-side of the original 12” for ‘Johnny, Are You Queer?’ Not many people have heard it except my hardcore fans.”

“Convertible Music essentially put me on the map as a recording artist and songwriter which was my ultimate goal,” she says. “It’s funny though I think my name ended up being more famous than I am if that makes any sense."

Produced by Bobby and Larson Paine, Convertible Music combined elements of surf, New Wave, girl group, and pop. “The Paine brothers had this incredible knack to predict musical trends and what would be relevant down the road,” she says. “I was in awe of their talent and they saw something in me so we were a good match. They were great mentors to me and taught me so much about songwriting and record production.”

From the power pop of album opener “He Could Be The One” to the Ronettes send-up “Rockin’ Love” to “Systematic Way” and "No Pictures of Dad," Convertible Music is a sunny record.

“Even though making this album was more like a David Lynch movie gone wrong, we laughed a lot as we were recording it,” reminisces Josie who wrote a majority of the songs. “The Paine Brothers were incredible story tellers. Someone will tell their story one day and I hope it’s me because I had a ring side seat. We made some noise… yes we did.”

Re-emerging last fall with the release of new single “Ukrainian Cowboy,” Josie followed it up with Everything Is Oh Yeah!, an album of finished tracks that laid dormant in an attic until the Stranger Things producers came looking for some '80s-inspired music. As a result, the songs were remixed.

To Cotton’s amazement, she learned of a major breakthrough in the music industry for recording artists. “There’s now a provision that for once is in favor of the artist “ she says excitedly. It’s basically a legal window that allows recording artists to get their masters back from the label after a 30-year window. Most 80s artists are eligible but the catch is you have to formally request it. So as of a few weeks ago, I officially have the rights back to my first two records on Elektra Records. I am over the moon.”

Gearing up for a busy future including re-releasing Josie's complete catalogue, Kitten Robot Records is also getting ready for Josie's 8th album which she's currently working on in the studio as well as releases from its growing roster of newly signed artists.

Convertible Music re-releases on CD and vinyl are planned for later in 2020.

Track listing:

"He Could Be the One" – 2:48
"Rockin' Love" – 3:02
"Waitin' for Your Love" – 3:21
"So Close" – 2:39
"I Need the Night, Tonight" – 3:12
"(Let's Do) The Blackout" – 2:57
"Johnny Are You Queer?" – 2:46
"Systematic Way" – 2:57
"Another Girl" – 3:14
"Bye, Bye Baby" – 2:57
"No Pictures of Dad" – 3:33
"Tell Him" – 2:36

Lou Reed's 'New York' to get expanded reissue

Lou Reed's Sire Records debut and 15th solo studio album New York earned him a gold record and a Grammy nomination, while the single “Dirty Blvd" went #1 on the Modern Rock charts.

Rhino's upcoming expansive collection surrounding the album includes a newly remastered version of the original 1989 album on CD and – for the first time – on double 180-gram audiophile vinyl.

The set also includes 26 unreleased studio and live recordings of album tracks from the Lou Reed Archive, as well as the DVD-debut of “The New York Album,” a long-out-of-print concert video recorded during the New York tour. In addition, audio from the set will be available through digital and streaming services.

NEW YORK: DELUXE EDITION will be available from Rhino on Sept. 25 and is available for pre-order now. The 3CD/DVD/2LP set comes packaged in a 12 x 12 hardcover book that includes new liner notes written by music journalist David Fricke, essays from archivist Don Fleming, and was produced for release by Laurie Anderson, Don Fleming, Bill Ingot, Jason Stern, and Hal Willner. As a special bonus, fans who order the set from will receive the album on cassette with purchase.

The entire album has been remastered for the first time ever for this collection. The second disc presents unreleased live versions from the Lou Reed Archive of every album track compiled from multiple performances. To avoid duplication, none of these live tracks were taken from the set’s accompanying DVD.

The third disc showcases unreleased early versions of several album tracks from the Lou Reed Archive, including “Last Great American Whale,” “Sick Of You” and “Dirty Blvd.” Also featured is the non-LP track “The Room,” as well as live versions of “Sweet Jane,” a song Reed originally recorded with The Velvet Underground, and “Walk On The Wild Side,” from his second solo album, Transformer (1972).

This set also includes “The New York Album,” a concert video that was originally released in 1990 on VHS and laser disc. It has never been available on DVD, until now. It features Reed performing the entire New York album live in Montreal at the Theatre St. Denis. The DVD concludes with an audio-only interview with Reed.

Track Listing:

Disc One: Original Album (2020 Remaster)
1. “Romeo Had Juliette”
2. “Halloween Parade”
3. “Dirty Blvd.”
4. “Endless Cycle”
5. “There Is No Time”
6. “Last Great American Whale”
7. “Beginning Of A Great Adventure”
8. “Busload Of Faith”
9. “Sick Of You”
10. “Hold On”
11. “Good Evening Mr. Waldheim”
12. “Xmas In February”
13. “Strawman”
14. “Dime Store Mystery”

Disc Two: “New York” - Live
1. “Romeo Had Juliette” *
2. “Halloween Parade” *
3. “Dirty Blvd.” *
4. “Endless Cycle” *
5. “There Is No Time” *
6. “Last Great American Whale” *
7. “Beginning Of A Great Adventure” *
8. “Busload Of Faith” *
9. “Sick Of You” *
10. “Hold On” *
11. “Good Evening Mr. Waldheim” *
12. “Xmas In February” *
13. “Strawman” *
14. “Dime Store Mystery” *

Disc Three: Works In Progress/Singles/Encore
1. “Romeo Had Juliette” (7” Version)
2. “Dirty Blvd.” (Work Tape) *
3. “Dirty Blvd.” (Rough Mix) *
4. “Endless Cycle” (Work Tape) *
5. “Last Great American Whale” (Work Tape) *
6. “Beginning Of A Great Adventure” (Rough Mix) *
7. “Busload Of Faith” (Solo Version) *
8. “Sick Of You” (Work Tape) *
9. “Sick Of You” (Rough Mix) *
10. “Hold On” (Rough Mix) *
11. “Strawman” (Rough Mix) *
12. “The Room” (Non-LP Track)
13. “Sweet Jane” (Live Encore) *
14. “Walk On The Wild Side” (Live Encore) *

1. “Romeo Had Juliette”
2. “Halloween Parade”
3. “Dirty Blvd.”
4. “Endless Cycle”
5. “There Is No Time”
6. “Last Great American Whale”
7. “Beginning Of A Great Adventure”
8. “Busload Of Faith”
9. “Sick Of You”
10. “Hold On”
11. “Good Evening Mr. Waldheim”
12. “Xmas In February”
13. “Strawman”
14. “Dime Store Mystery”
Audio Only Bonus
15. A Conversation with Lou Reed

* previously unreleased

Long awaited new music from Midnight Oil this week

Midnight Oil fans around the world will finally get to hear a brand new song from the band on Aug. 7 with the release of ‘Gadigal Land’. The following night a special ‘in studio’ video of the song will make its world premiere during the National Indigenous Music Awards ( telecast on NITV from 7pm AEST and simulcast across the country on Double J, National Indigenous Radio Service, TEABBA, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

The song takes its name from Sydney’s traditional owners, many of whom continue to live in the city. The Gadigal (also sometimes spelled “Cadigal”) lands include what is now the CBD plus areas from South Head through to the inner west. ‘Gadigal Land’ is a provocative recount of what happened in this place, and elsewhere in Australia, since 1788.

This single is the first new music from ‘the Oils’ in nearly 20 years. It features special contributions by vocalists Kaleena Briggs, Bunna Lawrie, Dan Sultan plus a lyrical section written and delivered by Gadigal poet, Joel Davison.

Like all the band’s new recordings it was produced by long-time collaborator Warne Livesey who also helmed legendary Midnight Oil albums, DIESEL & DUST, BLUE SKY MINING and CAPRICORNIA.

The track is drawn from THE MAKARRATA PROJECT - a themed mini-album of collaborations with Indigenous artists. Midnight Oil will donate its share of any proceeds it received from this release to organisations which seek to elevate The Uluru Statement From The Heart in particular and Indigenous reconciliation more broadly (

Sony Music Entertainment Australia will match any artist contribution.

After centuries of struggle for recognition and justice, 2017’s Uluru Statement called for the establishment of a ‘First Nations Voice’ enshrined in the Australian Constitution and the establishment of a ‘Makarrata Commission’ to supervise agreement-making and truth-telling between governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Clearly this mini-album has ended up being timely in ways nobody could have anticipated as the Black Lives Matter movement surges globally and renews local focus on Aboriginal deaths in custody.

However, THE MAKARRATA PROJECT was actually recorded late last year after the band regrouped for a European tour. They entered the studio with about twenty songs of which seven revolved around themes of reconciliation so they decided to record that batch of material separately with a wide range of Indigenous collaborators (the rest of the new recordings are slated for 2021 release).

THE MAKARRATA PROJECT was initially going to be launched with a special Splendour In The Grass appearance in July but when that festival was rescheduled for October the band moved the release back accordingly.

Now Midnight Oil confirmed that this collaborative mini-album will still be released in late October despite Splendour having to abandon their 2020 dates due to Covid-19.

THE MAKARRATA PROJECT will be the latest in a long line of reconciliation initiatives that Midnight Oil has supported. These include the band’s legendary Blackfella/Whitefella tour of remote Australia with The Warumpi Band in 1986 which inspired their global hit ‘Beds Are Burning’, their international touring with Yothu Yindi, the BURNING BRIDGES project, and the Oils’ hijacking of the Sydney Olympic Games Closing Ceremony when they controversially performed in clothes emblazoned with the word “Sorry”, adding further pressure in the campaign for an apology to the Stolen Generation.

Midnight Oil says: “We’ve always been happy to lend our voice to those who call for racial justice, but it really feels like we’ve reached a tipping point. We urge the federal government to heed the messages in the Uluru Statement From The Heart and act accordingly. Hopefully this song and THE MAKARRATA PROJECT mini-album we’ve created alongside our First Nations friends can help shine a bit more light on the urgent need for genuine reconciliation in this country and in many other places too.”

'The B-52's: Live at the US Festival' home video coming in September

Travel back in time to a carefree Labor Day weekend in 1982, when The B-52s: Live At The US Festival comes to DVD and digital platforms on Sept. 4 from Shout! Factory. The performance features all five founding band members, and the film is dedicated to Ricky Wilson, who passed away five years after the US Festival performance.

Besides the rare footage, there are new interviews included in the release with members Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, and Cindy Wilson. The hour-long set was recorded at the inaugural US Festival in 1982. 

Among the 13 hits and favorites from the group’s early years are “Rock Lobster,” “Planet Claire,” Private Idaho” and others. Live At US Festival is the first-ever live concert DVD release from The B-52s’ classic era.

The B-52s: Live At The US Festival is available for pre-order now at and

Party Out Of Bounds
Give Me Back My Man
Planet Claire
Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can
Big Bird
52 Girls
Dance This Mess Around
Private Idaho
Rock Lobster
Strobe Light

Vinyl reissues of elbow coming next month

The first three studio albums by acclaimed British band elbow will see new heavyweight vinyl reissues on Sept. 25 via Polydor Records. Additionally, the group's B sides collection ‘Dead in the Boot’ and 2014’s ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ will be repressed and restocked to stores, so the entire elbow album catalog will now be available on vinyl.

Debut ‘Asleep in the Back’ was produced by Ben Hillier (Blur, Doves, Depeche Mode) and contained the singles; ‘Newborn,’ ‘Any Day Now,’ ‘Red’ and ‘Powder Blue.’ It established the band with the UK public and led to Mercury Award and Brit Award nominations. The album closes with perennial fan favorite ‘Scattered Black and Whites,’ recently revisited by the band in lockdown for their elbowrooms sessions.

‘Cast of Thousands,’ recorded with Ben Hiller back again at the helm, introduced cover stars Elle and Bo to the world, their life size statues caused traffic jams when sited next to the motorway during festival dates to promote the album. Taking its title from the vocal contributions of the Glastonbury crowd to ‘Grace Under Pressure,’ recorded in a landmark performance on The Other Stage in 2002, the album artwork featured the names of all those who contacted the band to say, ‘yes, I was there and singing.’ An early indicator of elbow’s power to produce inclusive, uplifting moments, ‘Cast of Thousands’ also features ‘Fugitive Motel’ – another track featured during the recent elbowrooms recordings.

‘Leaders of the Free World’ was the first album to be recorded at elbow’s current home, Blueprint Studios, Manchester, and was co-produced by the band and Tom Rothrock, (Beck, Foo Fighters) and mixed at LA’s legendary Sunset Sound Studios. Accompanied by full-length film from collaborators Soup Collective on its release, the album contains several tracks that grace elbow sets to this day including ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Station Approach.’

All three albums have surpassed gold status in the UK with ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ achieving quadruple platinum status there.