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Bonus Q&A with Susanna Hoffs and Danny Benair

My conversations with Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles and Danny Benair of the Three O'Clock were so interesting, I had to include the rest of them. Concert info is at the end...

Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet

Q: Was the new album with Matthew Sweet, Under the Covers Vol. 3, as fun to make as it sounds?
Yes...When I would get the tracks from him and visa versa, he would say, ‘hey, lay some harmonies on this track.’ I’d end up surprising him by going crazy and sending him 20 tracks of crazy psychedelic harmonies and I never tipped him off to what I did. I just love working with Matthew Sweet.

Q: I take it nobody's lead vocal is set in stone until you actually record?
On the ‘70s one (Under the Covers Vol. 2), I had no idea I’d end up singing “Maggie May.” Matthew just said, ‘No, you’re going to do that one.’ And I’m like, ‘Alright. Great.’ For me, I love to sing and love having a challenge. It’s also really fun, just diving in and giving a song a new spin because the point of view shifts whenever the gender roles reverse. I really enjoy that.

Q: You tend not to dramatically overhaul the original arrangements on these songs. 
I think we did add a lot of harmonies to things that weren’t initially on those recordings. One thing that Sid ‘n’ Susie records are about is our singing and harmonies...If we second guessed ourselves too much, we’d be too in awe of the originals and never dare even attempt anything. Every song we’ve ever recorded on the three records has been a song we worship. We have so much respect for the artists that wrote these songs and recorded them, that it would be too daunting a task. So we have to go in with the spirit of fun and love.

Q: Have you ever gotten any feedback from the original artists you’ve covered? 
On the Yes song, “I’ve Seen All Good People/Your Move,” we had Steve Howe play guitar
on it. He was really into our track and we were so happy and excited that somebody we looked up to so much had given us the ‘thumbs up.’ We heard that Carly Simon liked our version of “You’re So Vain.” That was a huge thing for me. The Go-Go’s have told me they really like our version of “Our Lips Are Sealed.” They all contacted me, so that meant a lot. Peter Holsapple from the dBs and The Bongos weighed in and they were really thrilled. 

Q: Are you satisfied with how Someday was received? 
I’m so pleased. I actually got an email from a dear friend today that said he was listening in his car and I was so touched. It was such a wonderful get such great feedback from the press and friends, to go out on the road and have such incredible support from the audience, from my larger community of Bangles fans, the people who like the Sid ‘n’ Suzie records. It was just an amazing journey for me and I’m so grateful. 

Q: Is it too early to look ahead at what your plans are for Stagecoach 2014? 
I’m hoping my friend [pedal steel player] Greg Leisz will be available and play with me. I’ve worked with him many times. He’s so revered in the country and Americana communities. I’m excited to have that opportunity and hope more things in that direction come my way.

The Three O'Clock (circa 1980s)

Q: With these Paisley Underground reunion shows in San Francisco and LA, do you hope to show younger music fans why this music was (and is) so special?
You always want new people to be opened up to what you do. It is close to my heart. 

Q: Will the band’s headlining gig in Orange County be the smallest one since you got back together?
Yeah and the only one where we will do a long set. 

Q: When the band played at Coachella #2, it was relatively short. 
The first weekend of Coachella we did one extra song. The second weekend, we looked at the side of the stage and they said, ‘cut it.’ They caught onto us. I think we went three minutes over the first weekend. We were doomed the second one. 

Q: How was the whole experience of doing those two Indio, Calif. festivals?
Us getting back together was not so much reforming as a do-over. So many of the things we did, we never did as a band. We played large gigs, but never festivals. We did TV, but never live TV. A lot of these elements were special because we had never done them before. I had been to Coachella many times and it had always been fun, but it was a completely different spin to be there, to be backstage and doing it as an artist. Mingling with other bands, talking to them and knowing some people in other bands - that whole aspect was a whole different approach. April was a great run. This short run in December, we’re hoping to have as much fun. 

Q: Did it take very long for you to get back into the swing of things, having not played drums for 20 years?
[Laughs] It was excruciatingly hard, but we rehearsed a real long time. About  two + months. It got better after awhile. Eventually the muscle memory kicked in. This is how it made sense to me: it wasn’t so much playing drums, but sitting back and thinking about who I was as a drummer. Kind of reassessing why I did certain drum parts. That was more fascinating to me: relearning who I was as a drummer. It was a blast. It takes me away from my music business life that’s not playing drums. 

Q: Did you see a big increase in followers on social media after the events last April?
There’s more awareness. The thing is: news and media move so fast now, that things go by in a glimpse. Sometimes, three months go by and someone will say, ‘I had no idea you were on Conan. I saw it and you were great.’ Slowly but surely, a lot of the social network aspect has kicked in. I think people have come to realize the band is involved. It’s not somebody hired to work our Twitter page. It’s nice that people who appreciated the music then or kids that are finding out about it now are able to respond top things. That’s great. 

Q: Has any new material cropped up as a result of the live gigs? 
We’ve discussed it. Michael [Quercio] did show me a song. But because we’re so entrenched in doing this, we haven’t done anything. A few people have talked to us about doing a new record and producing us. It’s come up a few times. I just don’t know if anything will come of it. That opens up a window to at least discuss it. One of the things you can do nowadays is a song or two, release it. Put out a digital single. We can put our toe in the water if we feel comfortable and try something. Not necessarily have to commit to making a full record. There’s that possibility as well. 

Q: How has Adam Merrin of LA power pop group The 88 fit in on keyboards during the reunion shows? 
Amazingly. I knew for a long time that Mickey [Mariano, original keyboardist] would never play live. We tried many times to have him be enthusiastic about it. He just doesn’t want to it. I work with Adam a lot. So I knew him well. Adam brought so much to the table, between his playing and singing and finding us a rehearsal room. Having a van and so many aspects where he was able to be there. Such a solid easygoing guy that you want in any band. His demeanor is so great. He’s always steady and there to help. He’s a real great player and enthusiastic. We couldn’t have asked for a better person. He really is the ultimate guy we could’ve gotten in the band. 

Q: The Constellation Room gig in OC should be really intimate.
I know the guys at Burger [Records] really well and am friends with them. We wanted to play somewhere small, just to warm up and do a gig just to get in front of some bodies for a low ticket price. Do our best, but realize it is a warm up. Burger uses that place a lot. They’re co-promoting it. Seemed like the logical place for us.

Return of the Paisley Underground 
Who: The Bangles, the Three O'Clock, the Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade 
Where: The Fonda Theatre, 6126 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles 
When: 8 p.m. Friday 
How much: $51.50 
Call: 888-929-7849 
Also: The Three O'Clock plays 8 p.m. Tuesday with Cosmonauts at Santa Ana's Constellation Room, 3503 S. Harbor Blvd., $20 
Info: 714-957-0600 or

Return of the Paisley Underground: Interview with Susanna Hoffs and Danny Benair

My story originally appeared in the OC Register.

Welk Music Group
For many young local musicians in the early ’80s, the era was a void that left them feeling adrift.

Punk was on the wane. Synth-leaning European new wave groups and arena rockers were making waves courtesy of then-nascent MTV. Less-than-groundbreaking acts like Christopher Cross, Olivia Newton-John and Air Supply dominated the Billboard charts.

Feeling more connected to sounds popularized a decade and a half earlier, several bohemian bands cropped up around Los Angeles.

The Bangles, the Three O’Clock, the Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade shared concert stages – as they will next week for the first time in 30 years – and spent a great deal of time together, with influential KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer and much of the local press as their champions.

“It was such an incredible moment for us all to come up at the same time on the L.A. scene,” recalled Bangles singer/guitarist Susanna Hoffs (pictured above) during a phone interview last week. Groups like those “were dragging the ’60s into the ’80s with the music we were writing. It was a true scene going on.”

Danny Benair, drummer for the Three O’Clock, agreed during a separate chat. “There was certainly a large friendship among that group of people ... and the various bands played together. It wasn’t that hard to imagine,” he added, noting that their guitarist Louis Guiterrez once dated Hoffs.

Rain Parade’s David Roback lived a couple blocks away from her, and he and brother Steven played in an early band with Hoffs. Dream Syndicate leader Steve Wynn attended UCLA and worked at nearby Rhino Records, where he met all these musicians and more.

As these groups’ local popularity grew, Three O’Clock singer/bassist Michael Quercio did an interview with LA Weekly and unwittingly dubbed the burgeoning music scene “Paisley Underground.” The moniker stuck.

“Orange County was always great for us,” Benair remembers. “We had a great following down there. It seemed like a whole (different) world. We played the Cuckoo’s Nest a lot, the Golden Bear … opened for R.E.M. and then Echo & the Bunnymen at Irvine Meadows.”

courtesy: The Three O'Clock
The Bangles and the Three O’Clock (pictured left) also had a high-profile benefactor in common as their careers blossomed.

Prince lent songs to both, with the former’s “Manic Monday” reaching No. 2 in 1986. He also signed the Three O’Clock to Paisley Park Records via Warner Bros., though he and the band had virtually no contact.

(That imprint issued 1988’s swan song Vermillion, while first Frontier and then IRS Records released the group’s more lauded and lasting works, 1983’s Sixteen Tambourines and 1985’s Arrive Without Travelling.)

When Prince put out Around the World in a Day in 1985, the follow-up to Purple Rain, its frequent psychedelic tinges were considered a subtle nod to the Paisley Underground. 

Around that same time, the Bangles achieved multiplatinum success with 1986’s Different Light (Gutierrez co-wrote music for that album’s Top 20 single “Walking Down Your Street”), while the other bands also signed to major labels and attained varying levels of cult status before breaking up by the dawn of the ’90s.

Benair cites the Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Dean Wareham's Luna as bands likely inspired by the Paisley Underground movement.

Next Thursday, all four primary Paisley bands will perform together for the first time in three decades at the Fillmore in San Francisco, followed by a replay Friday night at Hollywood’s Fonda Theatre. Proceeds will benefit Education Through Music, an L.A. nonprofit that helps restore music to the core curriculum of disadvantaged schools.

Additionally, the Three O’Clock will appear at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana on Tuesday for an intimate warm-up, their first show in O.C. since reuniting for Coachella in April.

"Going back to Orange County will be fun because we haven’t done it in so long," says their drummer.

The charity reunion idea came about in February. Benair and Quercio had played another charity event attended by the Bangles’ Peterson sisters, Debbi and Vicki, and they talked about doing something together in the future.

The Three O’Clock then received plenty of newfound media attention from playing Coachella and TV’s “Conan,” and the idea gained more traction over the summer when Wynn said he’d bring along his reconstituted Dream Syndicate.

Most of the Paisley musicians have kept in touch over the years. “Louis works closely with ETM-LA,” Benair says. “It’s about music and we’re all based in Los Angeles, so it seemed logical.”

Worth noting: Each of the Paisley acts currently contains at least three ’80s-era members (David Roback is too busy with Mazzy Star to join Rain Parade). Benair and Hoffs also promise surprises and collaborations during these gigs.

The Bangles’ frontwoman says the group has been rehearsing its earliest music for the gigs, though a few weeks ago, she tweeted to find out if anyone knew chords to the band’s 1982 self-titled debut EP.

“I don’t even have it; I have to find it on YouTube clips,” she admits, hinting that a reissue is in the works.

“Vicki, Debbi and I used to work in the garage of my parents’ house back in 1981-82. Now we’re rehearsing at my house. That’s been really wonderful. We’re back to basics, just the three of us … it’s taken a little bit of homework to figure it all out again. All the harmonies are coming back. We’ve been working on it and it’s been really refreshing.”

Unlike the other Paisley acts that reunited in the past two years, the Bangles have been active again since 2000 and two years ago issued their newest studio album, Sweetheart of the Sun.

Meanwhile, Hoffs has been very busy with solo projects.

Someday, the follow up to her ’96 self-titled effort, came out last year. Produced by Mitchell Froom (a music contributor to Different Light), it’s a charming, Bacharachesque ode to baroque folk-pop of the ’60s.

Described as a “true labor of love,” Hoffs says the album’s “unexpected writing relationship” with musician Andrew Brassell added a youthful energy.

“He’s such a good guitar player and comes from the Nashville club scene. He’s got an amazing knowledge of ’60s music, which blew my mind because when we first met, he was 25. That immediately put us on the same page.”

Then there’s Hoffs’ latest enjoyable installment of decade-divided covers collections with Matthew Sweet (unofficially known as Sid 'n' Susie). Under the Covers, Vol. 3 (from Shout! Factory) focuses on the ’80s, with the pair tackling selections by Echo & the Bunnymen, the Smiths, Pretenders, the English Beat, R.E.M. and others with their usual superb vocal harmony blend.

“Matthew and I are like two kids in a candy store when we’re picking songs,” she says. “We really have to limit ourselves; otherwise, our list grows so long. … This one was really interesting because we did a lot remotely by Skype-ing tracks to each other. It really felt like unwrapping a present.

Hoffs singing lead on tunes by Roxy Music, Lindsey Buckingham and Dave Edmunds was Sweet’s idea. “That happens all the time. We make our lists and we never know what we’re doing. It becomes something we figure out at the last minute.”

Sweet, the power pop singer/guitarist who also co-produced Sweetheart, meticulously re-creates guitar effects for these Under the Covers sets, most noticeably on the latest disc during Buckingham’s “Trouble.”

“We want to honor the spirit of the songs and capture that as best we can,” Hoffs explains. “We try to really study them, but we are also quite spontaneous and loose in how we actually record them. We try not to over-worry about it. As long as the emotion is there, then we feel we’ve done our job.”

When she performs at Stagecoach next April, her solo material should fare well in stripped-down form. The booking is something of a left-field choice, but Hoffs actually “grew up listening to Tammy Wynette and Patsy Cline records, studying their vocal techniques and stylings.” She also tackled the Stone Poneys, Little Feat, Gram Parsons and the Allman Brothers on previous regular and deluxe Covers editions.

“I was so flattered and surprised that (festival organizer Goldenvoice) reached out to me. Honestly, it’s a dream come true … I can’t even express how excited I am.”

In other Three O’Clock news, longtime enthusiasts rejoiced with this year’s release of The Hidden World Revealed through Omnivore Recordings.

Benair helped compile the fine 20-track retrospective, which features singles, rare demos, alternate takes and mixes from 1981-86.

A playful "With a Cantalope Girlfriend," the surf rock-leaning "Lucifer Sam," quirky "When Lightning Starts," their best known song "Jet Fighter" (in two versions) and a tasty cover of The Byrds "Feel a Whole Lot Better" are among the selections.

Track-by-track commentary and anecdotes from the principal musicians are contained in the liner notes. “I felt that it was a nice way for fans to see how the songs developed,” he shares.

The drummer – who has worked in music publishing for years – says he spent a decade, off and on, assembling everything. Grammy-nominated mastering ace Bill Inglot “unearthed some tapes in better condition than what we had. We’re doing a (limited edition) vinyl and cassette version through (Fullerton’s) Burger Records that’s slightly different called Aquarius Andromeda. It cuts off more of the released tracks and has a few more unreleased ones. Bill did that as well.

“It’s a vinyl companion to the CD. A lot of people came to us and said: ‘Why isn’t this on vinyl?’ Now they’ll be able to get it, slightly tweaked.”
Aquarius Andromeda will be available at the Santa Ana gig and in general release on Jan. 14.

Who: The Bangles, the Three O'Clock, the Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade
Where: The Fonda Theatre, 6126 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles
When: 8 p.m. Friday
How much: $51.50
Call: 888-929-7849
Also: The Three O'Clock plays 8 p.m. Tuesday with Cosmonauts at Santa Ana's Constellation Room, 3503 S. Harbor Blvd., $20
Info: 714-957-0600 or 

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She & Him news

On Dec. 2, She & Him will release The Capitol Studios Session, a special digital-only release of new versions of four songs from their latest album, Volume 3.

The She & Him band convened in Los Angeles in June to capture a more intimate version of their new songs. Having the whole band together in a legendary recording studio inspired the looser arrangements characteristic of the band’s live performances.

Recorded at Capitol Studios, it features main members Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, plus Abigail Chapin, Lily Chapin, Mike Coykendall, Tom Hagerman, Scott McPherson, and Chris Scruggs.

The Hives on the road in No. America

The Hives are returning to North American shores. In 2013, the band played new continents including Africa, did European festivals, Lollapalooza South America and opened for Pink.

All of this in support of self-released fifth effort Lex Hives (Disques Hives). To bring the year to a close, the band will rejoin Pink in North American arenas on her The Truth About Love Tour.

Additionally, the band will also appear as a special guest during Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home For The Holidays concert at the Beacon Theater in NYC on Dec. 7. The evening will feature the live debut of The Hives & Cyndi Lauper's 2010 Christmas song "A Christmas Duel." Tickets for all shows are on sale now. Please see the full list of dates below.

The Hives' single "Come On!" is currently featured on the brand new Xbox One commercials. The band has teamed up with Indaba Music for the Surface Remix Project, which is a new software/hardware product from Microsoft. The Surface Remix Project will allow everyone from expert producers to everyday music fans to create remixes. The application will enable users to remix recent major artist hits, iconic classics, and songs by Indaba members all prepared especially for remixing. 

Fans can visit to download stems from the song and submit their own remix. Winners can receive prizes that include a release on Xbox Music, $2,500, a Surface Pro 2 and more.

The Hives were also recently featured in Ron Howard's Made In America documentary that premiered on Showtime. The band are also giving away their trusty 1986 Dodge B250 Ram van too. The machine was given two names when the band purchased the vehicle in 1998 - RAV as in "Rock Assault Vehicle" and VAN as in Van Morrison. Please visit the band's facebook page for information on how this piece of ROCK HI(VES)STORY can be yours. 

Tour dates: 

November 30 - Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre  
December 1 - Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre **Headline Show
December 2 - Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
December 3 - Montreal Bell Centre 

December 4 - Providence, RI Lupos **Headline Show
December 5 - Boston, MA TD Center 
December 6 - Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
December 7 - New York, NY Beacon Theater 
*Appearing at Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home For The Holidays 
December 8 - Brooklyn, NY Barclays Center 
December 9 - Brooklyn, NY Barclays Center 
December 10 - Washington, DC 9:30 Club **Headline Show 
December 11 - Newark, NJ Prudential Center 
December 13 - Birmingham, AL BJCC Arena 
December 14 - Atlanta, GA Philips Arena 

The Mavericks on PBS holiday pledge drive

Valory Music Co.
Grammy-winning Americana band The Mavericks will help raise funds for PBS during the network’s December pledge drive programming.

This Saturday (11/30) and throughout December, TV stations nationwide will air special performance The Mavericks: In Time.

It will feature country hits like "All You Ever do is Bring Me Down" and "Here Comes the Rain” in addition to new tunes such as "Come Unto Me" and “Back In Your Arms Again” from their latest album, In Time (The Valory Music Co.).

Cuban-American lead singer Raul Malo’s vocals mixed with talented musicians Robert Reynolds, Eddie Perez, Paul Deakin and Jerry Dale McFadden will memorize audiences throughout the special. High Five Entertainment’s Emmy award-winning team produced The Mavericks: In Time, a 90-minute DVD, which will be exclusively available to those who pledge support their local PBS stations.

The Mavericks: In Time will air nationwide in several major markets, including Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle and Nashville. Check your local PBS listings for additional markets, airdates and times.

Nearly 20 years after their first major label release, industry awards and an indefinite divergence, The Mavericks have returned, garnered critical acclaim for both their new music and exhilarating live shows throughout the U.S. and the U.K. They have also appeared NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CBS This Morning.

Morrissey news

Following the recent announcement of the release of Morrissey's "Satellite of Love (Live)," Parlophone Records are pleased to announce the release of multi-track 7 and 12 inch, and digital download formats on Jan. 28.

The single will be available on three formats: picture disc 7", heavyweight 12" (both featuring a rare Renaud Monfourny photo of Morrissey), and digital download. All formats will include "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side," the opening track from Morrissey's 1992 album Your Arsenal, which was produced by Spiders From Mars guitarist and arranger Mick Ronson (whom also co-produced Lou Reed's original "Satellite Of Love" and its parent album, Transformer).

Across all three formats will also be four previously unreleased live tracks: "All You Need Is Me," "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed," "Vicar In A Tutu," and a cover of Buzzcocks' "You Say You Don't Live Me," all recorded live in Hyde Park on July 4, 2008.

To precede the release of the physical single, on December 2, as a tribute to one of the most important influences on Morrissey's life and music, Morrissey's impassioned live version of Lou Reed's "Satellite Of Love," will be made available as a digital download.

This release is a timely tribute and homage to one of the most important influences on Morrissey's life and music. Morrissey's version of the song was recorded live at The Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on November 25, 2011.

12" heavyweight vinyl single
A side
"Satellite Of Love (Live)"
"You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
B side
"Vicar In A Tutu (Live)" *
"All You Need Is Me (Live)" *
*previously unreleased, recorded live in Hyde Park on July 4, 2008

7" picture disc
A side
"Satellite Of Love (Live)"
B side
1."You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
2. "You Say You Don't Love Me (Live)" (previously unreleased, recorded live in Hyde Park on July 4, 2008)

Digital download
1. "Satellite Of Love (Live)"
2. "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
3. "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed (Live)" (previously unreleased, recorded live in Hyde Park on July 4, 2008)

All versions of "Satellite Of Love (Live)" recorded live at The Chelsea Ballroom at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on November 25, 2011.
In related news, on December 5, Penguin Classics will publish a special hardback edition of Morrissey's hugely acclaimed and number one best-selling book, Autobiography. On the same day, the digital download Autobiography audiobook, read by actor David Morrissey, will also be released.

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Glasvegas return to U.S. stages in February

Glasvegas will kick off a North American tour in February, nearly three years since their last shows in the region.

"We've picked some cool venues this time and we hope to see some old friends again and make some new ones. Rest assured we will be playing the classics...and also playing you tracks from our brand new album Later...When The TV Turns To Static. See you soon," said the band.

Released in September, Later...When The TV Turns To Static is Glasvegas' third studio album. It was written and produced by lead vocalist/songwriter James Allan.

The video for their next single and album title track, just premiered on Yahoo! this week and is up on VEVO.

Allan explained the video: "The idea was quite a simple one me and my sister (Denise) worked on, where we just set up the amps in the living room and played. The video is interrupted by another little dimension. I like the simplicity and dreamy nature to it."

Tickets are on sale now. Fans can check for the latest on sale info.

North American Tour Dates:

February 16 Washington, DC Rock n Roll Hotel
February 17 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar
February 18 Boston, MA Great Scott
February 19 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
February 20 Brooklyn, NY Rough Trade
February 22 Toronto, ON Mod Club
February 24 Chicago, IL Schubas
February 25 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry
February 28 Seattle, WA Columbia City Theater
March 1 Vancouver, BC The Venue
March 2 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
March 4 Los Angeles, CA The Echo
March 6 San Francisco, CA Popscene / Rickshaw Stop

Glasvegas is: James Allan (Vocals, Guitar), Rab Allan (Guitar), Paul Donoghue (Bass), Jonna Löfgren (Drums)

New music from Bruce Springsteen in January

Bruce Springsteen's new album High Hopes has been set for Jan. 14 release on Columbia Records.

It finds Springsteen in a number of different musical settings, and includes the members of the E Street Band as well as guitarist Tom Morello and many additional players.

The album was recorded in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Australia and New York City and marks Springsteen's 18th studio album. The packaging includes Springsteen's own liner notes that detail the album's evolution.

Morello joined Springsteen and the E Street Band on tour in Australia in March, 2013 (sitting in for Steve Van Zandt), and became, as Springsteen says, "my muse, pushing the rest of this project to another level."

Besides his guitar playing on the album, Morello also duets with Springsteen on "The Ghost of Tom Joad." Clarence Clemons, who passed away in 2011, and Danny Federici, who passed away in 2008, also appear on several songs of what Springsteen calls "some of our best unreleased material from the past decade."

Here's a link to the song and video for the title track." The video, directed by Thom Zimny, is a collage featuring photos from Danny Clinch, Australian tour footage shot by Chris Hilson and featuring Tom Morello, vintage documentary footage, text and graphics:

Track listing:

1. High Hopes (Tim Scott McConnell) - featuring Tom Morello
2. Harry's Place * - featuring Tom Morello
3. American Skin (41 Shots) - featuring Tom Morello
4. Just Like Fire Would (Chris J. Bailey) - featuring Tom Morello
5. Down In The Hole *
6. Heaven's Wall ** -featuring Tom Morello
7. Frankie Fell In Love
8. This Is Your Sword
9. Hunter Of Invisible Game * -featuring Tom Morello
10. The Ghost of Tom Joad - duet with Tom Morello
11.The Wall
12. Dream Baby Dream (Martin Rev and Alan Vega) - featuring Tom Morello

All songs written by Bruce Springsteen except as noted.

Produced by Ron Aniello with Bruce Springsteen
*Produced by Brendan O'Brien
**Produced by Brendan O'Brien, co-produced by Ron Aniello with Bruce Springsteen

Grizzly Bear rarities discs

Grizzly Bear has two new releases in stores now.

Shields - Expanded is a two-disc CD set and 18-track digital album, featuring the original Shields from last year, along with eight additional B-sides, remixes (including the Nicolas Jaar remix of "Sleeping Ute" released as a limited edition 12" for Record Store Day earlier this year), and demos (including early recordings from Marfa, TX, before official tracking for the album commenced.

Shields - B-Sides is a 12" 180gm vinyl record and digital download featuring only the eight additional tracks. Check out "Will Calls" here:

Shields Expanded Track list:
1. Sleeping Ute
2. Speak In Rounds
3. Adelma
4. Yet Again
5. The Hunt
6. A Simple Answer
7. What's Wrong
8. gun-shy
9. Half Gate
10. Sun In Your Eyes

1. Smothering Green (Bonus Track)
2. Taken Down (Marfa Demo)
3. Listen and Wait (Bonus Track)
4. Everyone I Know (Marfa Demo)
5. Will Calls (Marfa Demo)
6. Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
7. A Simple Answer (Liars Remix)
8. Gun-Shy (Lindstrom Remix)

Shields B-Sides Track list
A1. Smothering Green (Bonus Track)
A2. Taken Down (Marfa Demo)
B1. Listen and Wait (Bonus Track)
B2. Everyone I Know (Marfa demo)
B3. Will Calls (Marfa demo)
Digital Download Card for Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix), A Simple Answer (Liars Remix), and Gun-Shy (Lindstrom Remix)

1. Smothering Green (Bonus Track)
2. Taken Down (Marfa Demo)
3. Listen and Wait (Bonus Track)
4. Everyone I Know (Marfa Demo)
5. Will Calls (Marfa Demo)
6. Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
7. A Simple Answer (Liars Remix)
8. Gun-Shy (Lindstrom Remix)

Reverend Horton Heat news

On Jan. 21, the Reverend Horton Heat will release Rev, their first album in over four years and their debut for Victory Records.

The band is on tour now.

Watch the new music video for "Let Me Teach You How to Eat," featuring burlesque star Michelle L'Amour and a group of '50s pinup girls:

Produced by Jim "The Rev" Heath, the 13 original songs on 'Rev' find the frontman looking back to his earliest influences such as Glen Campbell, Leiber and Stoller, and even the Ventures on surf rock homage "Zombie Dumb." "When I was a kid, the drum part to 'Wipeout' was what we all tried to do while sitting at our desks in math class," Heath says.

Song influences span the band's career. "Scenery Going By" was inspired by a recent drive past small towns in Kansas, lamenting the musician's lot of never getting to know the places one tours through. "Longest Gone Man," on the other hand, was one of the first songs the Rev wrote, but remained unreleased until John Lydon got his hands on an early demo a few years ago and expressed his admiration.

Track List:

1. Victory Lap
2. Smell of Gasoline
3. Never Gonna Stop It
4. Zombie Dumb
5. Spooky Boots
6. Schitzoid
7. Scenery Going By
8. My Hat
9. Let Me Teach You How To Eat
10. Mad Mad Heart
11. Longest Gone Man
12. Hard Scrabbled Women
13. Chasing Rainbows

Tour Dates:

11/27 - Dallas, TX @ Trees
12/19 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's %
12/20 - San Antonio, TX @ The Korova %
12/21 - Austin, TX @ Emo's %
12/27 - Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad &
12/28 - Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep &
12/29 - Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theatre &
12/30 - Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theater &
12/31 - Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theater &
1/02 - Cheyenne, WY @ Atlas Theatre &
1/03 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot ^
1/04 - Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory ^
1/05 - Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory ^
1/07 - Eugene, OR @ Wow Hall #
1/08 - Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom #
1/09 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox #
1/10 - Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom #
1/11 - Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory #
1/12 - Missoula, MT @ Top Hat Lounge #
1/15 - Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room Lounge #
1/16 - Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights #
1/17 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues #
1/18 - Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theater #
1/19 - Buffalo, NY @ Tralf Music Hall #
1/20 - Toronto, ON @ The Hoxton #
1/22 - Montreal, QC @ Club Soda #
1/23 - Boston, MA @ Royale #
1/24 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza #
1/25 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theatre #
1/26 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club #
3/20 - Flagstaff, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre #
3/21 - West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy Theatre #
3/22 - West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy Theatre #
3/23 - West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy Theatre #
3/25 - San Diego, CA @ The Casbah #
3/28 - Las Vegas, NV @ Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino #
3/29 - San Jose, CA @ Blank Club #
3/30 - Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades #
4/04 - Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre #
4/05 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre #
4/12 - Kansas City, MO @ Knuckleheads Saloon #

% w/ Dale Watson
& w/ Old Man Markley
# w/ Nekromantix
^ w/ Jello Biafra
+ w/ Wanda Jackson
> w/ Deke Dickerson

Friday, November 22, 2013

Track listing for solo debut from Jennifer Nettles unveiled

Sugarland frontwoman Jennifer Nettles will release her debut solo album That Girl on Jan. 14 through Mercury Records. It was produced by Rick Rubin.

“I started writing this album three years ago,” says Nettles. “I put no conscious guides or governors on the creation of this album other than to write songs that I want to sing. Working with Rick Rubin was a dream come true and the result is an album that plays to my roots – country, 70’s radio, gospel and singer songwriter.”

Ten of the 11 tracks on the album were written or co-written by Nettles and include collaborations with songwriters Butch Walker, Phillip Sweet (Little Big Town), Richard Marx and Sara Bareilles, among others.

She covers Bob Seger’s “Like A Rock” which she was drawn to as she is the same age as Seger was when he wrote the song and wanted to interpret the song from the female perspective exploring feminine strength. The title track from the album is currently climbing the country radio charts.

Track Listing:

“Falling” (Written by Jennifer Nettles)
“Me Without You” (Written by Jennifer Nettles, Tim Owens and Derek George)
“Moneyball” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Scott Patton)
“That Girl” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Butch Walker )
“This Angel” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Mike Reid)
“Jealousy” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Kevin Griffin)
“This One's For You” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Sara Bareilles)
“Know You Wanna Know” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Richard Marx)
“Thank You” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Phillip Sweet)
“Good Time To Cry” (Written by Jennifer Nettles and Mike Reid)
“Like A Rock” (Written by Bob Seger)

Stevie Nicks DVD coming next month

Having covered her solo tour for this album, I'm looking forward to viewing this...

Stevie Nicks will be releasing her DVD documentary  “In Your Dreams” via Warner Bros. Records on Dec. 3.

“In Your Dreams” is a portrait of Nicks as she and Dave Stewart embark on a musical journey to write and record “In Your Dreams,” Nicks’ first studio album in over a decade.  She called it “the greatest year of my life” and felt compelled to share the joyful experience with her fans.

Co-produced and co-directed by Stewart, “In Your Dreams” was shown at various film festivals and had a theatrical release in 50+ cities.

The inner life of Nicks has long been kept at a distance from the public. We learn in “Dreams” that her world features costume parties, elaborate dinner feasts, tap dancing, fantasy creations and revealing songwriting and recording sessions all of which are captured on film.

Fans will also get to see appearances by Mick Fleetwood, Reese Witherspoon, a massive white stallion in the backyard, owls and naturally a few vampires who appear in several “home movie” style music videos.

Along with tracking the Nicks/Stewart creative partnership, “In Your Dreams” includes rare personal scrapbook stills from Nicks’ childhood and candid backstage and performance shots taken over the last 35 years. 

A DVD signing in Los Angeles on Dec. 4 will be at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Hollywood at 7 p.m.  

Dave Barnes Christmas album available now

Dave Barnes' second Christmas collection, A December To Remember, is available now. It follows his successful 2010 holiday project, Very Merry Christmas.

Barnes co-produced A December to Remember, which features six originals, four written and two co-written, such as “So, Santa” and “Better Than Christmas Day.”

The 11-song line up also includes five Christmas classics, from “White Christmas” to “It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.”

More new music is coming Jan. 28 with his studio album Golden Days. The album’s first single, “Good,” is now at radio. Barnes will perform a one-time only Christmas concert on Dec. 13 in Nashville at War Memorial Auditorium.

Barnes' songwriting credits include Blake Shelton's “God Gave Me You,” as well as others by Tim McGraw, Billy Currington and Marc Broussard.

Brendan Benson album, Nashville show news

One of his past albums made my year-end top list, so I'm really looking forward to hearing the new material...
Brendan Benson is set to return with You Were Right, out Nov. 29 on his own Readymade Records via Thirty Tigers. Recorded at Benson’s Nashville-based Readymade Studios, some of the album’s 15 tracks premiered over the past year as part of Benson’s monthly singles series, which can be found at

The musician will celebrate the album’s release with a special Brendan Benson & Friends show at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium on Dec. 18 featuring guest performers and collaborators with Jack White, Eric Burdon, Butch Walker, Jessie Baylin, Ken Stringfellow, Jon Auer, Cory Chisel, Willy Mason, The Howlin’ Brothers and more. 
Proceeds benefit the David Lynch Foundation, going to veterans and at-risk children in the Nashville area. Tickets are available at

Benson has produced albums for Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes, Willy Mason and Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons and has collaborated with Loretta Lynn, The White Stripes, Adele, The Stooges, Jake Bugg and many more.
Along with his solo work Benson is also a member of The Raconteurs and owns Nashville’s Readymade Studios. He founded Readymade Records in early 2012, signing Young Hines, Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons, The Lost Brothers and the Howlin’ Brothers to the label.

Track listing:
1. It’s Your Choice
2. Rejuvenate Me
3. As of Tonight
4. Diamond
5. Long Term Goal
6. I Don’t Wanna See You Anymore
7. I’ll Never Tell
8. Swallow You Whole
9. She’s Trying to Poison Me
10. Purely Automatic
11. New Words of Wisdom
12. Oh My Love
13. The Fritz
14. Swimming
15. Red White and Blues