Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A long awaited U.S tour for Nena

This should be interesting. I was always under the impression that she toured here in the Eighties at the height of all that success. What a missed opportunity. At least she's finally rectifying the situation. In addition to this mini American tour, Nena is also expected to appear at the multi-act '80s Weekend in LA next January. Read an update from the press release and tour dates below...

Nena is coming to America: it’s one of the great unrequited love stories of pop culture history. “99 Luftballons” was the first German-language song to enter the US charts since Marlene Dietrich, yet although the pop singer toured all over the world, she never made it over to the US to perform. Nena has continued to rule the charts in Germany with 16 studio albums and countless hits, and now is finally her time to take America by storm. 

In the 33 years since it was released, Nena’s “99 Luftballons” (“99 Red Balloons”) has had an unmatchable impact on popular and music culture. Although Nena never stopped making music – she’s had a three-and-a-half decade career of hits and 16 studio albums behind her in Germany - and has toured in countries as far as Japan, Nena never got to tour the US. It’s one of those flukes in music history where what should have happened didn’t happen. But in her own words, “…now’s the right time. It’s always now!...When you want to do something and it just doesn’t happen, you shouldn’t be sad or disappointed because, well, 35 years later, it happens! It’s perfect timing.” 

Take a listen to Nena’s latest outing – Live at SO36, recorded during a sold out concert at the famed Berlin club SO36. From rockers to new wave favorites to the ballads that fans sing along to, Nena can electrify a crowd with her instantly recognizable voice and her music that includes influences like The Ramones, Blondie, and Talking Heads. 

In Germany, she has numerous top ten hits and 25 million sold records. The most recent studio album, Oldschool was produced and co-written by German hip-hop act Samy Deluxe.

Nena will be playing San Francisco on 9/30, Los Angeles on 10/2 and New York City on 10/4. 

Watch the New Single “Genau Jetzt” and the Classic – “99 Luftballons”

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