Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brian Setzer back with rockabilly originals

Brian Setzer has premiered the first single “Let’s Shake,” off his new album Rockabilly Riot: All Original, which comes out Aug. 12 via Sufdog Records. 

Setzer says, “Yeah, ‘Let’s Shake,’ how come no one has thought of that title yet? We’ve been making rock ‘n roll now for 60 years and no one has come up with ‘Let’s Shake?’ And I came up with it and I went ‘wow…Let’s Shake!’ You know, oh god, it’s just so simple it’s magic! It’s got a really great guitar solo in it, just rock ‘n roll sounding…it’s not really ‘billy’ sounding, it’s more rock and roll… again, it’s the simplest songs that are the hardest to write.”

Rockabilly Riot: All Original contains all originals. Setzer is backed by Mark Winchester (bass), Kevin McKendree (piano) and Noah Levy (drums).

The album was produced by Peter Collins (who’s handled the same honors for previous albums Vavoom! and The Dirty Boogie). 

“It’s funny how English people seem to have a more sensibility about what rockabilly music is, even though it was invented in the South says Setzer. “They seem to know what it should sound like.  Peter Collins is experienced and an accomplished producer, he’s done a lot of records, but he loves rockabilly music and he knows what it should sound like.  

"I think this album sounds to me a little bit like the first Stray Cats record," continues the veteran singer/guitarist. "It's rockabilly songs, not just blues songs in the rockabilly style. People like to call it ‘neo-billy’ I suppose, which is some invented word that somebody came up with, but if that’s the word they want to use, I’d like to go with that because it sounds to me like it’s very modern and fresh sounding rockabilly.”

Riot will be available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, in all formats (including vinyl), beginning July 7.

Track listing:

1. Let’s Shake
2. Rockabilly Blues
3. Vinyl Records
4. Lemme Slide
5. Nothing Is A Sure Thing
6. What’s Her Name
7. Calamity Jane
8. The Girl With The Blues In Her Eyes
9. Stiletto Cool
10. I Should Have Had A V8
11. Blue Lights Big City
12. Cock-a-Doodle Don’t

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