Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Return of The Three O' Clock

Very exciting news! I hope to catch the band for the first time at Coachella #2. Read on for more info...

They called it the Paisley Underground, a group of ’80s Southern California bands who mixed pure-pop sensibilities with psychedelic overtones. The term was coined by Michael Quercio, vocalist for one of that scene’s biggest bands, The Three O’Clock.

It eventually signed to I.R.S. Records and even made an LP for Prince’s Paisley Park imprint, but it is their early material that is not only adored, but which has never been properly compiled and re-introduced. Until now.
The Hidden World Revealed, coming June 25 on Omnivore Recordings, is a 20-track collection from the years 1981-1986. In addition to hits from the tenure on Frontier Records like “Jet Fighter” and “With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend,” the CD features rare singles, demos and alternate takes/mixes.
All help tell the story of where the band started (as The Salvation Army) and the later recording for major labels and opening for bands like R.E.M. on national tours. It was quite a trip.
The release of The Hidden World Revealed also marks the reunion of The Three O’Clock after 25 years apart. The band — Quercio, vocals; Louis Gutierrez, guitar; Danny Benair, drums; and new member Adam Merrin (of The 88) sitting in for original keyboardist Mickey Mariano — will reunite for shows at Coachella during the weekends of April 12-14 and April 19-21. A handful of West Coast club dates and Conan performance (TBS, 11 p.m. ET & PT/10 p.m. CT) tonight, Wednesday, April 10 are also on tap.
A four-color booklet with photos and flyers, liner notes from Quercio and Gutierrez, track-by-track commentary from Benair, and 10 previously unissued tracks, the set is an essential document of the origins of one the Paisley Underground’s greatest acts and a release fans of The Three O’Clock have been waiting for.
According to Benair, “The Hidden World Revealed takes you from the early days of recording in Michael Quercio’s garage to the days leading up to Arrive Without Traveling and beyond. A combination of the well-known and the unknown. The completist guide to The Three O'Clock — ten years in the making 30 plus years of recording. . . whoosh!”
The Hidden World Revealed Track list
1. All In Good Time
2. With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend
3. In Love In Too
4. Stupid Einstein
5. Lucifer Sam
6. Rodney On The ROQ Commercial*
7. Jet Fighter
8. When Lightening Starts
(Alternate Version)*
9. Sound Surrounds (Demo)*
10. Around The World
11. On My Own (with Strings)*
12. I Go Wild (Alternate Version)*
13. In My Own Time (Alternate Version)*
14. Why Cream Curdles In Orange Tea*
15. A Day In Erotica (Alternate Version)*
16. Jennifer Only (Home Demo)* – The Salvation Army
17. The Girl With The Guitar
(Says Oh Yeah) (Demo)*
18. Seeing Is Believing
19. Regina Caeli
20. Feel A Whole Lot Better
*previously unissued

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