Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peter Hook live release of The Light's New Order concert

photo by Craige Barker
Peter Hook And The Light made their debut performances of New Order’s “Movement” and “Power Corruption And Lies” with three sold out concerts at the turn of the year, the final of which took place Jan. 18.
This Manchester Cathedral concert was recorded in full by Play Concert and will be released digitally exclusively at their site on April 22.
A free track, “Cries And Whispers,” has been made available to download from the Play Concert soundcloud page here:
The recording sees the performances of the albums in full and in sequential order, which has become central to The Light’s live performances and the band also revisit many of the singles of 1981 to 1983 including “Ceremony,” “Everything’s Gone Green," Temptation” and “Blue Monday.”
Movement" was the last album from the band to be produced by Martin Hannett and its reputation has grown stronger amongst fans since its release. Hooky took lead vocals on albums tracks, opener “Dreams Never End” and “Doubts Even Here” and also in Manchester runs through the lighter touches of “Chosen Time” and “Senses,” alongside “The Him,” “ICB” and “Truth.
In comparison, “Power Corruption And Lies” shows the emergence of what is termed the archetypal New Order electronic sound. Enthusiastically received upon release, the album contains fan favorites “Age Of Consent,” “Your Silent Face” and “Leave Me Alone.
Play Concert had previously released two shows by The Light, Preston and Leeds, recorded on last year’s “Unknown Pleasures” UK Tour in November, both of which are available to download from Play Concert in full.
Free tracks “Transmission” and “Isolation” from both the Unknown Pleasures Preston And Leeds concert recordings are now available on Play Concerts soundcloud page to download where you can also listen to a preview edit of the entire concerts here:
Pre-order the Manchester Cathedral Concert:

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