Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Head And The Heart return with new album in May

The Head And The Heart have a new album, Living Mirage, due out on May 17 on Warner Bros./Reprise Records. “Missed Connection,” the first single from the new album, is now available to download, stream or watch the lyric video. Pre-order Living Mirage here.

A special livestream performance from The Belasco in Los Angeles will happen on March 21. Fans can tune in to the stream beginning at 8:30pm PT on The Head and The Heart and Live Nation’s Facebook pages.

Early last year, The Head And The Heart came together in the Mojave Desert’s Joshua Tree and experienced a “rebirth, a spirit quest of sorts,” said bassist Chris Zasche after the last album Signs of Light saw the amicable departure of guitarist-vocalist Josiah Johnson. He was replaced by Matt Gervais (husband to singer-violinist Charity Rose Thielen) and keyboardist Kenny Hensley returned.

Singer Jon Russell sees the new album as a sort of chronicle of stories and perspectives.

“In my mind, the songs on this album are vignettes. Like ‘Brenda’ reminds me of when you’re a teenager at a house party. You’re surrounded by noise—‘What am I doing here?’—and a ray of light comes down and you notice this person. You’re like, ‘Maybe I will stay.’ These songs feel honest.”

Then there's the choral “Missed Connection.” 

“A lot of the beats on that song are quicker, and there are high hats that were never in our music before,” drummer Tyler Williams says, attributing the new sounds to their love of pop and hip-hop production.

The track began as a remembrance of how Jon met his girlfriend, until morphing into a potent metaphor for the band—which met around an open-mic night in Seattle 10 years ago—suddenly wondering, as he recalls, “Is it all going to work?”

Living Mirage is “literally the most work we’ve ever done on an album,” Russell says.

Track listing:

01. See You Through My Eyes
02. Missed Connection
03. People Need a Melody
04. Honeybee
05. Brenda
06. Running Through Hell
07. Up Against The Wall
08. Saving Grace
09. I Found Out
10. Living Mirage
11. Glory of Music

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