Friday, August 1, 2014

The Black Angels have a new psych out

The Black Angels new EP Clear Lake Forest is available now.

Clear Lake Forest had a limited vinyl release on Record Store Day, but the 7-track set had a wider release in 12" clear vinyl, CD and digital.

Guitarist Christian Bland says, "After roaming through the Indigo Meadow, the time has come to journey to the Clear Lake Forest, where seven tales of diamonds, executioners, and other strange occurrences await underneath the crystal waves lapping in the lake."

The Austin psych rock band is Christian Bland - guitar, drone machine/organ; Alex Maas - vocals, bass, organ, drone machine; Stephanie Bailey - drums, percussion; Kyle Hunt - keyboards, percussion, bass, guitar; Jake Garcia - guitar, bass. 

Track list:
1. Sunday Evening
2. Tired Eyes
3. Diamond Eyes
4. The Flop
5. An Occurence at 4507 S. Third Street
6. The Executioner
7. Linda's Gone

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