Monday, August 11, 2014

Ex-Nerves and Beat man Paul Collins readies new album

photo by Derek Davidson
Paul Collins was one of the progenitors of the early power pop movement in the '70s in three influential bands of that era - The Nerves, The Breakaways and The Beat (the latter even appearing on Dick Clark's American Bandstand).

He later turned towards a decidedly rootsier approach to his music, exploring country and folk rock, before returning to the more driving, high-energy sounds of his youth on his acclaimed 2010 Alive Naturalsound effort The King Of Power Pop. His music has been covered by many musicians, most notably "Walking Out On Love," which Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong performed as part of the punk band's hit Broadway musical American Idiot.

Collins has been working the DIY circuit since 2008, playing with some 160 up-and-coming bands in that time.

This September, Collins will be releasing his follow-up to The King Of Power Pop, entitled Feel The Noise. As far as the direction of the new record is concerned, Paul says:

"Yeah, it’s a concept, man. Rock 'n’ roll...remember that? Well I do, like it was yesterday. Standing on the corner of Hollywood & Vine in L.A. or on Columbus & Broadway in front of Aquarius Records in North Beach San Francisco circa 1975…Thinking that all I wanted to do is rock out, so sick of everything I was hearing on the radio, all those bands seemed to suck to me. I couldn’t understand what happened to the real rock 'n' roll that I grew up on. Where did it go? Where were the balls? Where were the guts? Where were the songs that blew my mind, the guitar licks, the harmonies…what happened?

"For too many years after that all I heard was the same old thing…'rock 'n' roll is dead.' Every time I heard it, it made me mad, it made me think… yeah…f**k you!

"Then I heard the Ramones, and things got better for a while, and then it got bad again. Then I heard Nirvana and things got better again for a while, then they got bad again, but at that point I didn’t really care anymore because I knew that rock 'n' roll was never gonna die… you know why? Because there will always be a new generation of kids who will dig this stuff as much as I do… Feel The Noise!"

Paul Collins' Feel The Noise was produced by Jim Diamond (who also plays bass and guitar on the record), and will be available Sept. 9 on CD, digital and limited edition colored vinyl through Alive Naturalsound Records.

TOUR 2014

Sep 23 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL (w/ Dan Vapid & The Cheats)
Sep 24 New Vintage, Louisville, KY
Sep 25 Goner Fest - Memphis, TN
Sep 26 Martin's Lounge - Jackson, MS (w/ Tuff Luv)
Sep 27 Alchemy Tavern - Mobile, AL (w/ Hitachi Stranglers)
Sep 28 Thirsty Hippo - Hattiesburg, MS (w/ Squirm)
Sep 30 Siberia - New Orleans, LA (w/ Bad Lovers)
Oct 1 Walter's Downtown - Houston, TX (w/ Rich Hands)
Oct 2 Hotel Vegas - Austin, TX (w/ Rich Hands)
Oct 3 The Korova - San Antonio, TX (w/ Rich Hands)
Oct 4 Double Wide - Dallas, TX (w/ Rich Hands)
Oct 5 Blue Note - Oklahoma City, OK (w/ Rich Hands)
Oct 6 Record Bar - Kansas City, MO (w/ Rich Hands & Josh Berwanger)
Oct 9 The Demo - St Louis, MO
Oct 10 Gas Lamp - Des Moines, IA
Oct 11 Mary's Place - Rockford, IL
Oct 12 Bar None - Springfield, IL (w/ Looming)
Oct 14 Hi Fi - Indianapolis, IN (w/ Gringo Star)
Oct 15 Sportsmen Tavern - Buffalo, NY
Oct 16 Get Hip Recordings HQ - Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 17 Café 9 - New Haven, CT
Oct 18 Cake Shop - New York, NY (w/ Marvin Berry & The New Sound)
Oct 23 Niagara CMJ - New York, NY (w/ Twin Guns & The Johnny's)
Oct 29 Sluggos - Chattanooga, TN (w/ Future Virgins)
Oct 30 529 Club - Atlanta, GA (w/ Zoners)
Oct 31 The World Famous - Athens, GA (w/ Casper & The Cookies)
Nov 1 FEST 13 - Gainsville, FL
Nov 2 Underbelly - Jacksonville, FL

Additional dates to be announced soon.

Feel the Noise Track Listing:

1 Feel The Noise
2 Only Girl
3 Baby I Want You
4 I Need My Rock 'n' Roll
5 Don't Know How to Treat A Lady
6 With A Girl Like You
7 For All Eyes To See
8 Little Suzy
9 Can't Get You Off My Mind
10 Baby I'm In Love With You
11 Reach Out I'll Be There
12 Walk Away

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