Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Leonard Cohen returns with music

Popular Problems, legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen's 13th studio album, will be released on Sept. 23 via Columbia Records.

A collaboration with co-writer/producer Patrick Leonard, it is available for pre-order. Those who do so digitally ( will receive an instant download of his new song, “Almost Like The Blues.”

To celebrate his milestone 80th birthday (Sept. 21), Cohen (best known for penning "Hallelujah," "Chelsea Hotel," "First We Take Manhattan" and many more) and his legacy can be revisited with a new artist page on iTunes (, which features Popular Problems and includes all 12 prior studio albums Mastered For iTunes.

Last week, Rolling Stone reported:

Cohen's last album was 2012's Old Ideas, though in the year leading up to that album's release, the singer-songwriter unveiled new songs onstage that failed to make the album.

"I rehearsed some other songs on the road – new songs that didn't make it onto the record," he said in 2012. "So I have a new record [after this one], at least two-thirds of it, anyway." 


1. Slow
2. Almost Like The Blues
3. Samson In New Orleans
4. A Street
5. Did I Ever Love You
6. My Oh My
7. Nevermind
8. Born In Chains
9. You Got Me Singing

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