Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Model Army mixes new and live tunes

New Model Army has set a Sept. 16 date for their new double CD collection Between Wine And Blood, released on earMUSIC/Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Between Wine And Blood is a six song EP and 11 track live album recorded on the latest European tour. Full length Between Dog and Wolf came out last September and was their fastest selling album in 20 years, charting top 30 in UK and Germany. 

The second half of the Between Dog and Wolf tour, planned for spring 2014, was postponed until autumn when drummer Michael Dean was diagnosed with blood clots in his leg and advised not to play shows. Instead the unexpected time off was used to record new songs for the EP to accompany the live tracks.

“When we finished ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ we wanted to keep the momentum going, and with Michael being unwell, the time became available to get back in the studio earlier than we planned. Michael was there writing and co-producing whilst he recuperated. The result is an eclectic and immediate-sounding New Model Army mini-album and feels to us like a logical move from ‘Between Dog and Wolf’s’ experimentation,” said lead singer Justin Sullivan.

Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool), who previously mixed Between Dog And Wolf, returned to mix Between Wine And Blood in LA. "It was a pleasure again - and beginning to feel very much as if Joe's part of the NMA family,” said Sullivan.

For an early listen of Between Wine And Blood, check out the recently released official stream of “Guessing”:

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