Friday, September 6, 2013

The return of Throwing Muses

Another blast from the '90s past...

On Nov. 11 (full release date, book release is Oct. 28), Throwing Muses will release their first new music in 10 years, Purgatory/Paradise. It will be released as an art book with CD by Harper Collins on their It Books (US) and Friday Project (UK) imprints.

Throwing Muses was the first US band signed by 4AD, pioneers of 1990s underground rock and touted by critics. They scattered after an eponymous 2003 album, finding their way back together to play art shows, headline Primavera, or record another demo.
A decade without a studio album led to years of writing, of making, of hearing this music. The result is a fractured album, coming together in ideas and patterns, big beyond the scope of rock. Purgatory/Paradise is a return to an uncompromising approach. It embraces all Throwing Muses were and still are, without ever trying to sound like a Throwing Muses album.
The Purgatory/Paradise book, designed by drummer Dave Narcizo, is a lush college of lyrics, photographs, and writing by Kristin Hersh. In addition to the CD’s 32 tracks, every book comes with downloadable content featuring commentary, instrumentals, and the album plus art in multiple digital formats.
Along with the book, Purgatory/Paradise will be released as an interactive e-book/music app, and digitally on all the usual outlets including direct from the Throwing Muses website.

Throwing Muses are Kristin Hersh, David Narcizo and Bernard Georges.


1. smoky hands
2. morning birds 1
3. sleepwalking 2
4. sunray venus
5. cherry candy 1
6. film
7. opiates
8. cherry candy 2
9. freesia
10. curtains 1
11. triangle quanitico
12. morning birds 2
13. lazy eye
14. blurry 1
15. folding fire 2
16. slippershell
17. bluff
18. blurry 2
19. terra nova
20. walking talking
21. milan
22. curtains 2
23. folding fire 1
24. static
25. clark's nutcracker
26. dripping trees
27. sleepwalking 1
28. smoky hands 2
29. speedbath
30. quick
31. dripping trees 2
32. glass cats

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