Monday, September 23, 2013

OMD release new EP

"Night Café" is the third single from OMD's English Electric and was just released this week as a digital EP via BMG. 

The single is accompanied by four superb remixes and a complete collection of the albums' b-sides, forming a 10 track digital release package. New ttrack 'Kill Me' is also included as the official b-side to Night Café.

When asked about the track Andy McCluskey said, "'Kill Me' was actually one of the first ideas that we had for the songs that would form the English Electric collection. I mentioned to Paul that it would be interesting to try a looped vocal idea something like our old song "4-Neu," and suggested the words 'kill me.'" 

One remix in particular features the dark disco re-workings of synth pop new comers Vile Electrodes. Their 'B-Side the C-Side' remix came as a result of supporting OMD's live shows throughout Europe. 

On his inspiration for "Night Café" Andy says, "I was in New York for the first time in 20 years. I was feeling melancholy. It was -9 degrees, it was dark and I was on a street corner looking into an almost empty restaurant. How could I not be reminded of Edward Hopper's paintings?"

The song references seven titles of his works and combines OMD's romantic melodic touch with a lyrical sadness that matches the tranquil emptiness of Hopper's art.  The accompanying video premiered recently with Clash Magazine- 
Track listing for Night Café is as follows:
Night Cafe
1) Night Café

2) Kill Me
3) The Great White Silence
4) Time Burns
5) No Man's Land
6) Frontline

7) Night Café (Vile Electrodes 'B-Side the C-Side' Remix)
8) Night Café (Metroland's Nighthawks Remix)
9) Night Café (Taoyoyo Remix)
10) Night Café (Sin Cos Tan Rmx)

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