Friday, September 6, 2013

Kitchens Of Distinction back after long absence

I really like the first single "Japan to Jupiter," which can be heard at I've always been a fan and interviewed Julian for Death of Cool. A shame about the touring aspect. Read on for more info...
Kitchens Of Distinction return with a new studio album, Folly, their first in 19 years. It will be released on CD, vinyl, and digital Formats on Nov. 5.

In Summer 2011, Patrick Fitzgerald asked Julian Swales whether he would like to work on some new songs together. Dan Goodwin was invited to join in the fun and eventually ten songs loomed out of the mist. Ten new songs that sound not as a pastiche of a band 20 years on but, as Julian puts it, are "like a new version sucked through time and space."

Fitzgerald elaborates: "Jules thinks it sounds nothing like old Kitchens, but like a new version sucked through time and space. Dan said he thought it would fit neatly between Death of Cool and Cowboys. Me? Well it certainly sounds like nothing I've recorded these past stephenhero years, so I'm glad as I wanted a change. It's definitely a hark back to the sonic noise of KOD, but the lyrics are wiser, and the songs less fraught. But don't get me wrong, they are no less intense."

Folly is KOD 's fifth overall and first since 1994's Cowboys and Aliens. Fitzgerald, Swales and drummer Dan Goodwin formed KOD in South London in 1985 and released their first single, "The Last Gasp Death Shuffle," in 1987. Between 1989 and 1994, the trio released four studio albums before disbanding in 1996 following the release of final single "Feel My Genie."

Fitzgerald rules out touring, at least with all three band members, stating "No live shows featuring all of us. Do you hear? That's a 'no' to those sitting in the back." 

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