Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alkaline Trio news

Chicago punkers Alkaline Trio return on April 2 with their new album My Shame Is True. The single  “I Wanna Be A Warhol” is available for purchase now. 
Recorded with Bill Stevenson of The Descendents and Black Flag and Jason Livermore, My Shame Is True features a rare guest appearance from Rise Against’s Tim Mcllarth on “I, Pessimist.  

"It's never been about being rich or famous,” says Matt Skiba, about their 15 year career. “We always wanted to have the band be our career…to have that longevity…that should be the goal. We are going to do it until it stops being fun. If it ever feels like a job, why would you be involved in the arts at all? We have the right chemistry as a band and with crowds, big or small. We have community within a community.”

My Shame Is True is available for pre-order via Epitaph at The pre-order will also include a limited pressing (2,000 copies worldwide) of their Broken Wing 12'' EP with  4 songs that are not available on the standard album.

In addition, 500 Limited Edition Vinyl Box sets are available and include exclusive colors of vinyl for the LP & EP, a fold out  spirit board, cut wood game - piece, 46” flag, patch and shirt all in a lined wood box.  As a perfect gift for vinyl fans, collectors, and Trio fanatics alike, the LP Box Set is limited edition.

Track Listing

She Lied To The FBI - 2:48
I Wanna Be A Warhol - 3:07
I'm Only Here To Disappoint - 2:46
Kiss You To Death - 3:21
The Temptation Of St. Anthony - 3:34
I, Pessimist - 2:10
Only Love - 4:35
The Torture Doctor - 3:37
Midnight Blue - 2:44
One Last Dance - 3:28
Young Lovers - 3:31
Until Death Do Us Part - 4:13

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