Sunday, May 20, 2012

Matchbox Twenty news

Atlantic Records band Matchbox Twenty has announced the release of their new album "North" on Sept. 4. It marks the band's fourth full-length studio recording and first all-new album in a decade.

“The title refers to us finding our way,” says Matchbox Twenty’s Paul Doucette. “We went into this record with a lot of material. Many different songs that could have taken us in many different directions. It sort of overwhelmed us for a bit. But, at a certain point, we figured it out. We figured out where North was.”

The album’s electrifying first single, “She’s So Mean,” will be released in June. The musicians - Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, Kyle Cook and Brian Yale - lived together last summer in a house in Nashville, where they all collaborated on the new material before once again joining forces with the Grammy Award-winning producer Matt Serletic at his studio in Calabasas, Calif. The result of their labors includes songs like “Overjoyed” and “Put Your Hands Up.”

More information to come...

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