Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In stores today: Josh Ritter

Bringing in the Darlings, the new EP from singer-songwriter Josh Ritter, is out today on Pytheas Recordings.
The limited edition CD/vinyl/digital release features six new songs. Of the stripped-down, stand-alone EP, Ritter has said, “As time goes on, it’s good to remember that recording is not necessarily a long process. It’s always a fun process, and what you’re trying to do is balance the art form of the recording with the excitement of recording it. I think there’s a certain spark when something’s written and it rolls off the tongue easily, and you can always hear the person’s excitement when it’s happening."

In conjunction with the EP’s release, the music video for the song “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” just premiered on Etsy. The video, created by Erez Horovitz and Sam Cohen of Prominent Figures, was made with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper, shown as it was shot, with no effects added in post.
Of the creative process, Cohen comments, “The video for ‘Love is Making It's Way Back Home’ was definitely the most labor intensive video we’ve been a part of—and with my background in stop-motion collage animation, and Erez having worked on videos for OK Go, that’s kind of saying a lot. The video was made in several stages: storyboarding, computer animation, converting the computer graphics frame by frame to paper cutouts, and photographing those roughly 12,000 cutouts into about four minutes of paper animation. The video you see in the end is purely physical frame-by-frame animation. Everything you see is photographs of paper with no effects whatsoever.”

Ritter is currently writing and recording his next full studio albumthe follow-up to 2010’s acclaimed release So Runs the World Away.

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