Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dandy Warhols announce track listing for 'This Machine'

The Dandy Warhols' eighth studio album This Machine will be released on April 24 via The End Records.

Singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor describes it as "stripped down, woody and extremely guitar centric." One track, "Autumn Carnival," was co-written by David J. "We've been told that its our gothiest [album]," continues the singer. "I thought it was our grungiest, so I'm really hoping it's a hit with goths who are...really outdoorsy?"

Track listing:
1. Sad Vacation
2. The Autumn Carnival
3. Enjoy Yourself
4. Alternative Power To The People
5. Well They're Gone
6. Rest Your Head
7. 16 Tons
8. I Am Free
9. Seti vs Wow Signal
10. Don’t Shoot She Cried
11. Slide

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