Friday, September 2, 2016

The Selecter return to America

photo: John Coles
“These days it’s not just punks, Rude Boys or Mods who rally to their cause. It’s a global demographic that’s eager to hear music which stands for something, and has a message. 2 Tone unified all those different groups and we can still do that. We can go anywhere and that’s the beauty of 2 Tone.” - Pauline Black, The Selecter

Seminal 2-Tone artist The Selecter has announced a brief US tour in October to celebrate 35+ years of its genre classic Too Much Pressure and share from latest album Subculture.

During the original 2 Tone era, the group toured with The Specials and Madness at the peak of its early fame. Over the past few years, The Selecter has played at major festivals like Coachella, headlined UK tours, toured the US and recorded three studio albums, including Subculture, released to critical acclaim last fall in the US.

The UK release of Subculture in June 2015 landed The Selecter in the Top 40 there and earned the largest sales week since Celebrate The Bullet in 1981. In the US, where the album came out last October, the band was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition and “Decades On, The Selecter Maintains A Steady Groove And A Political Eye.

Last year, Carrie Brownstein name checked The Selecter when asked what she was currently listening to and Gwen Stefani noted The Selecter as a big style and music influence in an interview.

The Selecter lineup is: lead singer Pauline Black, Neil Pyzer (Spear Of Destiny) Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp) and co-lead singer/original member Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson (who features extensively on Subculture).

US tour dates:

October 6 | Gramercy Theatre | New York, NY
October 7 | 1st Ward Chop Shop | Chicago, IL
October 8 | Gothic Theatre | Denver, CO
October 10 | The Independent | San Francisco, CA
October 11 | Regent Theater | Los Angeles, CA
October 12 | Glass House | Pomona, CA
October 13 | The Casbah | San Diego, CA

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