Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lydia Loveless gets 'Real'

Singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless’ new album, Real, will be released August 19 via Bloodshot Records. “Longer,” the first track to be revealed, can be heard here:

Real was recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios in her home state of Ohio and was engineered and produced by Joe Viers (Dr. John, Twenty One Pilots). “I chose to work with Joe Viers, engineer and producer of my last three releases, again because I trust him completely not only with my music but with my words,” said Loveless.
“There was a lot to say this time around and I wanted to return to that sort of playground and (sometimes literally) throw things at the wall. Whereas our previous records could be described as blunt or raw, this one I wanted to be known as honest, as true, as real,” she adds.

Of the album Loveless says, “Because I feel like I spent my formative years flopping around like a fish, masking pain with substance abuse and somewhat ashamed of who I was—a hayseed, a phony, I felt—it was absolutely necessary for me to become a stronger, more confident human, or I was going to die. Real is my sort of love letter to that realization, that my existence was just as valid as any other.”

Loveless is joined on the album by Todd May (vocals, guitars, keys), Ben Lamb (bass), Jay Gasper (guitars, pedal steel, keys), George Hondroulis (drums, percussion, keys), Andy Harrison (guitar, keys) and Viers (percussion, guitar).

In 2011, Loveless released her second full-length album, Indestructible Machine. Two years after the critical success of her breakout second record, Loveless released Somewhere Else. On Somewhere Else Loveless is less concerned with chasing approval—she scrapped an entire album’s worth of material—and more focused on fighting personal battles of longing, heartbreak and the aesthetic that comes along with them.

Track listing:
1.     Same To You
2.     Longer
3.     More Than Ever
4.     Heaven
5.     Out On Love
6.     Midwestern Guys
7.     Bilbao
8.     European
9.     Clumps
10.  Real

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