Friday, November 6, 2015

In stores today: Matt Costa

Today, Matt Costa released his latest EP, Neon Brain. The six-track EP is the third in a series of five different EP’s that Costa is writing, recording, and self-releasing, each unique in style, approach, and concept.

“Neon Brain was inspired by the title track spontaneously written and recorded at Pheasant Studios in Santa Ana, CA,” says Costa. “It’s taken me until now to find the glow. Your Neon Brain has arrived.”

The EP is now available through digital retailers and fans can check out a stream of the EP on Costa’s website:

The five song Eucalyptus EP was released first in February and showcases intricate fingerpicking on the mostly acoustic tunes. The garage-rock bedroom recordings on the Cat Mosta EP came next in July, while the more sophisticated compositions on Neon Brain were the first to be recorded in a studio instead of Costa’s Laguna Beach, California home.

“It’s more of an obsession than a work ethic,” Costa says. “Every time I release something, the goal is to try to get closer to the core of what I am, so for that reason I’m really proud to put these EP’s out.”

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