Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Millencolin rarities collection due

Swedish punk outfit, Millencolin celebrate twenty years with the release of The Melancholy Connection on May 29.

This assemblage of B-sides, a follow up to 1999's The Melancholy Collection, features two new songs and twelve rarities spanning from their album  Pennybridge Pioneers through today.

The CD is paired with a 90-minute DVD that takes fans inside the making of Pennybridge Pioneers with never before seen archival footage, interviews with the band and live performances. Fans can preview a trailer for the CD/DVD budle by going here: 

“We've released a lot of songs since Pennybridge Pioneers that were not released on our previous albums, so we thought it was about time to put them all on one,” says band member Erik Ohlsson.

“We recorded a bunch of new songs in our own studio where we also recorded our previous album Machine 15 from 2008, and picked two of them for this release. We’re really excited about the new stuff we recorded! We're taking it back to our roots and mixing it with the new sound we've developed over the last years.”

With nearly two million records sold worldwide, the Örebro based quartet of vocalist/bassist Nikola Sarcevic, guitarists Erik Ohlsson and Mathias Färm and drummer Fredrik Larzon have put together a collection of material that allows fans get an inside look at the past twenty years which have brought Millencolin to where they are today.

“We had a lot of footage archived from the Pennybridge Pioneers recording that we shot ourselves,” says Ohlsson.  "No one has ever seen any of that footage and since we have new live footage from the 10th anniversary tour of the album, now would be a perfect opportunity to make somthing out of it."

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