Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Bangles rarities coming

Having interviewed and reviewed The Bangles members over the past couple years, I'm really looking forward to hearing this. Really wish there was a physical release though...

The Bangles have announced the release of Ladies and Gentlemen…The Bangles!, on their own label, DownKiddie! Records, available for digital download at all major music outlets starting Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving Day).

Hand-selected by the band members from their personal music archives,
Ladies and Gentlemen…The Bangles! is a 16-track collection of re-mastered 80's-era rarities, demos, live recordings and more, including the Bangles’ debut single and all of the tracks from their self-titled EP - produced Craig Leon – unavailable since its initial release on vinyl in 1982.

Encompassing the very first years of the band’s development, from their earliest days as the “Bangs” to their incarnation as the Bangles, the tracks include performances by the Bangles’ founding and current members - Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, and Vicki Peterson - as well as now-retired bassist Michael Steele, and the band’s original bass player Annette Zilinskas.

"We’re so pleased to give our fans and music lovers alike the chance to enjoy the early fruits of our labor. Some of these tracks have never seen the light of day,” states Bangles drummer/singer Debbi Peterson.

"We've wanted to make these songs available to a new audience for a long time,” adds singer/guitarist Vicki Peterson. “We’ve thrown in a couple of live tracks, and even some of the first demos, all lovingly collected and re-mastered, so you no longer have to dig out a cassette player to hear them.”

Singer/guitarist Susanna Hoffs continues, “I feel a very special connection to our early recordings. The garage of my parents' house was our musical laboratory, and we took all the flavors of our favorite bands and mixed up a concoction of jangly guitars, McCartney-inspired bass parts, grooves powered by punk energy, and harmonies galore! These songs and recordings were our musical manifesto - all that mattered and inspired us, fueled by youthful energy, hope and blind ambition.”

The Bangles are:

Susanna Hoffs – guitar/vocals
Debbi Peterson – drums/guitar/vocals
Vicki Peterson – guitar/vocals

Track Listing

1. Bitchen Summer/Speedway (The Bangles/Rodney On The Roq: Volume 3, 1982 - S. Hoffs/D. Roback)
2. Getting Out of Hand (The Bangs/debut single A-side, 1981 - V. Peterson)
3. Call on Me (The Bangs/debut single B-side, 1981 - S. Hoffs/V. Peterson/ D. Roback)
4. The Real World (The Bangles EP, 1982 - S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
5. I’m in Line (The Bangles EP, 1982 - D. Peterson/V. Peterson/S. Hoffs)
6. Want You (The Bangles EP, 1982 - V. Peterson)
7. Mary Street (The Bangles EP, 1982 - S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
8. How is the Air Up There? (The Bangles EP, 1982 - S. Duboff/A. Kornfeld)
9. Outside Chance (unreleased demo, 1981 - W. Zevon)
10. Steppin’ Out (unreleased demo, 1981 - M. Lindsay/Paul Revere & The Raiders)
11. The Real World (unreleased demo, 1981 - S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
12. Call on Me (unreleased demo, 1981 - S. Hoffs/V. Peterson/D. Roback)
13. Tell Me (live performance, Dingwalls London, 1984 - S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
14. 7 & 7 Is (live performance, The Palace, Hollywood, 1984 - A. Lee)
15. No Mag Commercial (The Bangles, 1982)
16. The Rock & Roll Alternative Program theme song (The Bangles, 1982)

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