Monday, December 12, 2016

Ryan Adams news

photo: Noah Abrams
Ryan Adams' next album Prisoner will be released on Feb. 17 via Pax-Am/Blue Note. First single "Do You Still Love Me?" is available for purchase and as an instant grat with all pre-orders.

"I was reflecting on the different states of desire and what it means to be a prisoner of your own desire," Adams said in a recent web talk show interview, about the new record's title, later adding, "I felt like I had been robbed of... the most valuable thing in a person's life… Time."

The 12 songs that make up Prisoner came to Adams over a prolific period stretching back as far as the week his 2014 self-titled album entered the U.S. album chart at a career high of #4.

During that run, Adams toured the world, recorded and released both his Live at Carnegie Hall collection and full-album cover of Taylor Swift's 1989, and saw the aforementioned Ryan Adams garner two Grammy nominations - Best Rock Song for "Gimme Something Good" and Best Rock Album - while "Gimme Something Good" became the first vinyl single to go #1 at the Amazon music store.

Ryan Adams' Prisoner track listing is below. The album will be available on standard digital, HD digital, 180G vinyl, CD, limited edition red vinyl at indie record stores, and a limited edition exclusive cover at Barnes and Noble. "Do You Still Love Me?” can be streamed here.

Track List:

1. Do You Still Love Me?
2. Prisoner
3. Doomsday
4. Haunted House
5. Shiver and Shake
6. To Be Without You
7. Anything I Say To You Now
8. Breakdown
9. Outbound Train
10. Broken Anyway
11. Tightrope
12. We Disappear

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