Monday, December 12, 2016

Matt Pond PA debuts new video

photo: Sean Hansen
Matt Pond PA has premiered a video for the single "Whoa (Thirteen And Sledding With Kerry In Northern New Hampshire)." Share via YouTube 

The band will be taking part in the 25th anniversary edition of Noise Pop in San Francisco, performing Feb. 24 at the Bottom of the Hill - tickets.

"Whoa" is featured on matt pond PA's new album, Winter Lives, which arrived last month on 131 Records.

By now, fans of matt pond PA are familiar with the enduring love affair Pond's lyrics and arrangements have with his shift-shaping environment: an embodiment of the season, the beauty in a prosaic exchange, the weight of expectation and hope, a moment that says a kiss is not a promise. But it can be something close to the truth. And in Winter Lives, he keeps pulling us down this path.

With a shifting cast of band members through the years, eleven full-length albums and countless EPs and singles to his name, Matt Pond eludes characterization in a way that is both unpresuming and larger than life. It's an evolution that just makes sense, because this journey is what he was made for.

It makes sense, too, that matt pond PA's latest release is a bold celebration of what blooms in the coldest, stillest time of the year. With Winter Lives, he gets to the point: This isn't about labels and contracts. It's about the music. It makes the clear and fully independent statement: It's about connection. Matt Pond is building on a storyline whose conclusion, while unknown, is undeniably his own.

Track listing:

01. In Winter
02. The Glow
03. A Candle and a Deck of Cards
04. Fotzepolitic
05. Force of Nature
06. Sunset at the Gas Pump
07. Whoa (Thirteen and Sledding with Kerry in Northern New Hampshire)
08. Leggings in the Living Room
09. Dirty Looks
10. Used To Be
11. Winter Lives
12. The Forest

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