Monday, October 31, 2016

Morrissey sideman Boz Boorer's new solo album out now

Morrissey arrives in SoCal on Friday to perform live in Irvine, Calif. and longtime guitarist/cowriter/musical director Boz Boorer will again be by his side.

Boorer recently put out a new solo album, Age of Boom, via Fabrique Records. Recorded in his Portugal studio, guests include Eddie Argos (Art Brut), James Maker, Tom Walkden (Wolventrix), Georgina Baillie, "Limey" Dave Dahlson, Sarah Vista, Tracy Vandal, Ben Mark and Alex Lusty.

A founding member of 1980s neo-rockabilly band, The Polecats, Boorer also produces promising newcomers in his studio, writes songs for many other artists and works with collaborators and friends such as Edwyn Collins and Adam Ant.

"This is the first record I have made for over 10 years that was tackled as an album and not just a selection of songs. The collaborations and mix of styles were carefully planned out," says Boorer.

Track listing:

Girl From Atlanta (feat. Eddie Argos)
El Camino Real
More Alexandria Than Rome (feat. Tom Walkden)
Creepers (feat. Ben Mark)
Age Of Boom
Chasin' The Devil (feat. 'Limey' Dave Dahlson)
Un Año De Amor (feat. James Maker)
Comic Book Nightmare
Make A Circuit With Me (feat. Sarah Vista)
Put The Hearse In Reverse
Le Stalker (feat. Georgina Baillie)
Love You Madly
Straight To The Stars (feat. Tracy Vandal)
Noizey Fryday (feat. Alex Lusty)

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