Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nadine Shah preps second album for spring

Nadine Shah will release her second album Fast Food on April 7 via Apollo/R&S Records. 
This is the follow up to 2013 debut Love Your Dum And Mad. The songs were created during a writing session with her collaborator/producer Ben Hillier (Doves, Blur, Depeche Mode).
First single "Stealing Cars" was released in December and already made waves in Nadine's native UK, placing on BBC 6 Music's A-List, Amazing Radio's A-List and the XFM Evening Playlist as well as being named one of the Top Tracks of 2014 by Time Out.

“The last album took so long to make that by the time it came out it didn’t feel like it was a very clear representation of where I was musically, but this time it’s different,” Nadine explains.

The album is a reflection upon a world obsessed with instant gratification and a life full of complicated relationships, she admits. “My favourite love stories are the unconventional ones. The ones that aren’t like rom-coms because those aren’t the real stories, that’s not how it actually happens. For years I had this romanticised ideal of what love would be. I thought it would be perfect and that I would always be someone’s first love but as you get older, people have been in love before. That’s a large part of what 'Fast Food' is about, the sudden realisation that you're never going to be anybody's first love ever again."

Fast Food will be available on vinyl, CD and via digital download (AMB1506). You can pre-order the album via iTunes here.

Nadine kicks off a UK tour in April. US plans to be announced soon.

Track list:

1. Fast Food
2. Fool
3. Matador
4. Divided
5. Nothing Else To Do
6. Stealing Cars
7. Washed Up
8. The Gin One
9. Big Hands
10. Living

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