Monday, May 19, 2014

Green Day demos collection

Green Day's Demolicious - first available as a Record Store Day exclusive last month - is now out at retail outlets via Reprise Records.

The album features a collection of 18 demos recorded at Jingletown Studios in Oakland, CA, in 2012 during the sessions for the band's Green Day ¡Uno!, Green Day ¡Dos!, Green Day ¡Tré! album trilogy.

Track listing:

1 99 Revolutions (Demo)
2 Angel Blue (Demo)
3 Carpe Diem (Demo)
4 State Of Shock (Demo)
5 Let Yourself Go (Demo)
6 Sex, Drugs & Violence (Demo)
7 Ashley (Demo)
8 Fell For You (Demo)
9 Stay The Night (Demo)
10 Nuclear Family (Demo)
11 Stray Heart (Demo)
12 Rusty James (Demo)
13 A Little Boy Named Train (Demo)
14 Baby Eyes (Demo)
15 Makeout Party (Demo)
16 Oh Love (Demo)
17 Missing You (Demo)
18 Stay The Night (Acoustic)

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