Thursday, January 9, 2014

UK's The Feeling return with new music

“I always wanted to make emotionally complex music,” says The Feeling vocalist Dan Gillespie-Sells. “My response to music has to involve a big smile at some point.”

The new album Boy Cried Wolf (BMG) will be released in America on Feb. 18. 

After the break-up of a five year relationship, the songs Gillespie-Sells wrote for Boy Cried Wolf detail bittersweet emotion and introspection. It is essentially a song cycle of heartache.

Offering a satirical send-up and biting critique of the music business and social media's ever-encroaching "impact" on band marketing, The Feeling teamed up with actor and fan Dominic West (The Wire, The Hour, 300) for an album teaser which can be viewed here:

Looking back to the making of Boy Cried Wolf, Gillespie-Sells says the best thing about it was that “we were just in our little bubble again. There was this sense that there wasn’t any pressure on us now to be anything other than what we are.”

With the breakthrough debut album, 2007’s Twelve Stops and Home, the band's Brit guitar pop found widespread favor, while Join With Us was released the following year and Together We Were Made came in 2011. Then the band took a breather to regroup.

The Feeling are currently vocalist Dan Gillespie-Sells, bassist Richard Jones, guitarist Kevin Jeremiah, keyboardist Ciaran Jeremiah and drummer Paul Stewart.

Track listing:

1. "Blue Murder"
2. "Anchor"
3. "Rescue" 
4. "Fall Like Rain"
5. "A Lost Home" 
6. "Hides In Your Heart"
7. "The Gloves Are Off" 
8. "You'll See" 
9. "Empty Restaurant" 
10. "When I Look Above"
11. "I Just Do"

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