Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Long awaited New Order collection due next week

New Order's Lost Sirens collection will finally come out next week. 

Originally scheduled for release quite awhile ago, it was in limbo due to legal issues with former bassist Peter Hook (who plays on some of the tracks comprised of outtakes from 2005's Waiting For The Sirens’ Call).

Fans should already be familiar with "Hellbent," which came out in 2011 due to its inclusion on the Total: From Joy Division to New Order compilation 

Lost Sirens will be available for download at digital retail outlets on Jan. 15.

It’s not really lost,” drummer Stephen Morris noted in a statement.
“I remember that [Joy Division producer] Martin Hannett once had an idea of making a record and burying it in his garden, so that one day someone would dig it up, like a time capsule. We just stuck our record in a cupboard. And now we’ve got it out. When we did the first one [Waiting For The Sirens’ Call] we had 20 ideas for songs. We were going through a particularly prolific phase – but we couldn’t make a double concept album out of them all, so we thought we’d just do two instead. The intention was always to write four or five more songs and then put it out 18 months or so after the first one. When we unearthed it from the cupboard recently, with the intention of re-editing some of the songs, we all agreed they didn’t actually need it, and it should just be out there. So here it is.” 

Track Listing:

1.I’ll Stay with You
4.Californian Grass
6.Shake It Up
7.I’ve Got A Feeling
8.I Told You So

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