Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lisa Loeb returns with new album in 2013

Grammy-nominated singer Lisa Loeb has signed with 429 Records and is gearing up for the release of her seventh album No Fairy Tale, out on Feb. 5.
Loeb and co-producer Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) teamed up to record a “poppy-punky-rock album” which features Loeb’s trademark sound, shaped by Gilbert’s OC punk perspective. Loeb also collaborates with indie darlings Tegan and Sara (with whom she recorded two songs—her first songwriting collaboration). Other notable artists featured on the album include hellogoodbye, Morgan Taylor, Maia Sharp and Marvin Etzioni.
Says Loeb about working with Chad: “He's a tattoo-ed up post-punk rocker and I'm known more as a singer/songwriter with glasses, which may seem like an unlikely pair, but it totally makes sense. He brought a whole new angle to my music and it was great to work with many of the musicians he works with down in Orange County (California).”

Launched into the limelight in 1994 with her platinum-selling No. 1 hit song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the film Reality Bites, Loeb has enjoyed a successful career encompassing music, film, television, voice-over work and children’s recordings.
In addition to raising two children, Loeb is also working on a new eyewear line, Lisa Loeb Eyewear (in partnership with Classique Eyewear); her second children’s book “Lisa Loeb’s Songs for Moving and Shaking” is due April 2.

Track Listing:

1) No Fairy Tale
2) The 90’s
3) Weak Day
4) Walls
5) A Hot Minute
6) Sick, Sick, Sick
7) Matches
8) Married
9) Swept Away
10) He Loved You So Much
11) Ami, I’m Sorry
12) The Worst

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