Monday, October 29, 2012

The return of Camper Van Beethoven

Seminal alt-rock band Camper Van Beethoven release a new album, La Costa Perdida, on Jan. 22, via 429 Records.

David Lowery (guitars and vocals), Victor Krummenacher (bass, baritone guitar), Greg Lisher (guitars), Chris Pedersen (drums), Jonathan Segel (violin, guitar, mandolin, organ, backing vocals) and Michael Urbano (drums and percussion) reunited for their eighth studio album and first since 2004. All tracks were produced by the band and recorded in the Oakland home studio of Segel. 

La Costa Perdida sets the tone for Camper’s exploration of the band’s literal and figurative experiences as musical sons of the Lost Coast of California—a mostly undeveloped section of California’s North Coast in Humboldt and Mendocino counties. The theme connects all the tracks on the album. The songs mark the first time the band recorded as a unit, playing together for two weeks. 

Says Victor Krummenacher: “The coolest part was that everything flowed from the fact that these distinctive musicians and personalities sat in the living room. Our music now sounds like four people are writing it. The songs have great energy, but we’re more relaxed and stately and a lot more confident. The songwriting here has elements of vintage Camper along with grown-up Camper.”

Track Listing:

1) Come Down The Coast
2) Too High For The Love-in
3) You Got To Roll
4) Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out
5) Peaches In The Summertime
6) Northern California Girls
7) Summer Days
8) La Costa Perdida
9) Aged In Wood
10) A Love For All Time 

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