Friday, January 13, 2012

Owl City live release out next month

Owl City will give the world an all access pass into one of his headlining shows from the All Things Bright and Beautiful World Tour with the release of Owl City – Live from Los Angeles DVD. It will feature over 90 minutes of live performance, behind the scenes footage, exclusive interviews and more.
The 21-track concert was filmed at LA's Club Nokia in July 2011 and arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray Feb. 7. In addition to Owl City’s live performance, the physical release will include an exclusive interview and backstage footage. The full live performance was released exclusively on iTunes on Dec. 6 on Eagle Rock Entertainment.  [MSRP $14.98 on iTunes, $14.98 for DVD, $19.98 for Blu-ray]. 
Owl City – Live from Los Angeles will give fans a rare chance to see into the world of Owl City, experiencing the excitement of his live show intimately with the mastermind behind the project: Adam Young. Fans can view the trailer for the DVD at now in anticipation of the release and pre-order the DVD here:
Track Listing:
1) The Real World  
2) Cave In  
3) Hello Seattle   
4) Angels  
5) Swimming In Miami   
6) Umbrella Beach   
7) I’ll Meet You There  
8) Plant Life  
9) Setting Sail  
10) The Bird And The Worm  
11) Lonely Lullaby  
12) Fireflies  
13) Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust  
14) Kamikaze  
15) Meteor Shower  
16) Galaxies  
17) Alligator Sky  
18) Deer In The Headlights  
19) Yacht Club  
20) How I Became The Sea  
21) If My Heart Was A House

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the largest producer and distributor of music programming for DVD, Blu-Ray, TV, Audio and Digital Media in the world.  

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