Sunday, December 11, 2011

Peter Hook and the Light out now on CD

Following its digital release last May, Peter Hook And The Light’s debut EP “1102/2011” is now available as an extended physical CD edition through American indie label, 24 Hour Service Station.
It includes four instrumentals and two unreleased a capella takes of singer Rowetta’s treatment of "Atmosphere."
Reissued with 10 tracks in a jewel box sleeve adorned with James Chadderton’s acclaimed, visually stunning cover, the CD release is currently being sold at independent retail music stores, plus iTunes and other digital sites.
The 1102/2011 EP takes its name from the palindromic recording date of Feb. 11, 2011 at Blueprint Studio, Salford, U.K. and features the four tracks from the EP, Rowetta’s versions of “Atmosphere”, “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight” while Peter Hook sings on “Pictures In My Mind.”
“Pictures In My Mind” was an unfinished Joy Division track unearthed by the band’s “bootleg society” from a rehearsal tape stolen in 1977, setting it between Warsaw and Unknown Pleasures. The punky tune has been completed for the first time by Hooky And The Light for the release.
Having performed with the band consistently since 2007 at events such as Versus Cancer, 1234 Festival, Vintage and The Factory gigs, The Light’s guest vocalist Rowetta performs three of the classic Joy Division tracks which she has been singing live with the band over the past year, “Insight, “New Dawn Fades” and “Atmosphere,” delivering intensely passionate performances.
Receiving great reviews for her vocal performances from Joy Division fans and Factory aficionados, Hooky decided to record Rowetta’s unique renditions of these tracks, and she joined the band at Blueprint to lay down the vocals in February 2011.
Videos for both “Pictures In My Mind” and “Atmosphere” can be viewed on the Peter Hook And The Light YouTube channel,, along with footage from other The Light concerts.
The design for the EP is a stunning post apocalyptic Manchester streetscape by local Manc artist James Chadderton, who works as a tutor in the city in 3D and Graphic design. Inspired by the nightmarish futuristic visions of movies like The Terminator, Dawn Of The Dead, and the BBC’s classic “Threads” series, many assume that James’s artwork depict post nuclear fallout but James prefers to characterise them as “human devoid wastelands where the buildings have been left to decay. 
Peter Hook And The Light features Peter Hook on vocals and bass, his son Jack Bates on bass, Nat Wason on guitar, Andy Poole on keyboards and Paul Kehoe on drums. Rowetta performs as guest vocalist at selected gigs. 
Having performed together at the opening night of The Factory in February 2010, The Light have undertaken extensive tours of mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand, America, as well as numerous UK and international festivals.
Following their well received Closer live appearances across the United States in Sept. 2011, their second American tour and their debut visits to Canada and Mexico the same month, The Light continue with live dates across Europe to the end of '11 and have just announced a return tour of Australia for April 2012. 
Track Listing:
1. Atmosphere (Featuring Rowetta)
2. Pictures In My Mind (Featuring Peter Hook)
3. New Dawn Fades (Featuring Rowetta)
4. Insight (Featuring Rowetta)
5. Atmosphere (Instrumental Mix)
6. Pictures In My Mind (Instrumental Mix)
7. New Dawn Fades (Instrumental Mix)
8. Insight (Instrumental Mix)
9. Atmosphere (A Capella)
10. Atmosphere (A Capella Raw Comp) 

Haçienda Records is the official label of legendary Fac 51 The Haçienda and based exclusively at its website at and has worked closely with American indie label 24 Hour Service Station, on the physical releases from Hook projects Freebass, Man Ray and now The Light.
Originally formed as a an outlet for the work of original club owner and Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook, Haçienda Records has always intended to publish other artists, both new and established, to provide a platform for exposure in the industry.
Aside from The Light, Haçienda Records releases include humanizer’s debut EP “This Tiny Universe” and the first release from Canadian techno prodigy Richie G; his “Baum” EP has remixes by Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile and Jesper Dahlback.
Section 25 brought out “Invicta,” their first EP of brand new material since the recent passing of Larry Cassidy, which also saw Jon Dasilva’s The Virgo Mechanically Replayed “Factory Fatigue” album unveiled.
Next month will see the debut EP from Super White Assassin with the “In Formation” EP. Fore more information, go to:

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