Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gary Numan back with new music

Gary Numan just released Dead Son Rising, his new studio album, via RED distribution in the U.S. and globally available through

More experimental and often more atmopsheric than prior efforts Jagged, Pure and Exile, Numan co-wrote and produced it with Ade Fenton.

Longtime fans and industrial music enthusiasts of bands like NIN will find plenty to savor, especially the tracks "The Fall" and "We Are the Lost."   

Last week, the new wave pioneer guested on NPR's World Cafe; the show is archived at

Currently, the prolific Numan is finishing up yet another new studio album for 2012, called Splinter. This past summer, he collaborated with Battles on their single "My Machines" and appeared in the music video for it. 

In 2010, Numan celebrated the 30th anniversary of groundbreaking LP The Pleasure Priniciple with a successful U.S. tour. More dates are expected soon.  

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