Friday, August 26, 2011

Tokyo Underground Music DVD contributes to Tsunami Relief

Regular readers of my blog might recall that I recently interviewed Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac, whose indie label is putting out this new soundtrack/DVD in association with MVD Visual... 

Good Charamel Records has released the "Live From Tokyo" DVD, plus a bonus digital music download of the soundtrack. The film explores Tokyo's thriving underground music scene. Portion of proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund in Japan.

Directed by U.S. filmmaker Lewis Rapkin, "Live From Tokyo" is a fascinating documentary that takes viewers through the back streets in Shinjuku, the intersections in Shibuya, the alleys in Koenji, and all over Tokyo, as it highlights the innovative musicians that create the city’s multi-faceted underground music scene.

Tokyo’s reputation for an overwhelming variety of global information, media-saturated urban environment and cutting edge innovation, makes it the perfect sample for addressing a new outlook on music culture.

The film explores this eccentric music culture set within the back­drop of the modern Japanese megalopolis. Featuring surreal stop-motion animation, interviews and live performances by acts such as Nisennen­mondai, Tenniscoats, DMBQ, PARA (members of the Boredoms), Shugo Tokumaru, Sexy Synthesizer, Sajjanu, KIRIHITO, d.v.d, Optrum, Uhnellys, Samm Bennett, W. David Marx, Tokyo Pinsalocks and more.

Audio tracks were donated by many of the bands that appear in the film and were compiled into a soundtrack album which will be included as a free digital download with the purchase of the DVD. A special code will be contained within the package of each DVD allowing the viewer to down­load the album free.

View the Live From Tokyo Trailer at: 

Upcoming Screenings:
9/21- 10/2 - The Netherlands, Camera Japan Film Festival (


Brasil said...

This box set is fantastic! All the music together as it should be, at long last, plus extras on disc two that prove Brian Wilson was the master of his domain, the world of pop music. Brian's Smile album in 2004 was also wonderful music, but I believe this tops it, just because the musicians and the voices of the Beach Boys were the best ever, better than anyone else in history.

newwavegeo said...

Thanks for the feedback on the Beach Boys' new "Smile" box set, even though you put it under the Japanese music post. :)