Friday, August 26, 2011

New Americana duo honeyhoney set album, tour dates

Not long ago, I caught this band as an opening act at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. and was really impressed. Can't wait to hear the new album. 

Bubbling up from the underground of the LA music scene with an indelible Nashville-influenced sound, indie roots duo honeyhoney have announced that Lost Highway will release their new full-length album, Billy Jack.

Set to drop Oct. 24, Billy Jack finds musicians Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe threading sweet melodies with big acoustic guitar sounds, percussive banjos and countrified fiddles.

The album's first single "Turn That Finger Around" is a steady-grooving story detailing hard times with a memorable hooks and Southern twang.

A slow burn seethes beneath the gospel-flavored tale of romantic doubt, "Don't Know How (Slow Mover)," while strings baste the mourning ballad "Angel of Death" and "Thin Line" explores dissatisfaction, good times and loss through the blues. From the dark smolder of "Glad I Done What I Did" and stark piano of "LA River," to the euphoric romp of "Let's Get Wrecked" -- honeyhoney's music embraces the sound of what it means to be alive.

Santo and Jaffe converged in Los Angeles and immediately found a shared chemistry. It was when the hauntingly voiced Santo sang the songs Jaffe was writing for his band at the time that they knew they had something.

Encouraged by a serendipitous relationship with French record executive Bertrand Lamblot, the pair entered a radio contest and won $25,000 to make a record. "Little Toy Gun," their song from a rare early release, found life as a cult favorite, with bands in several states embracing the song in multiple YouTube cover versions.

Evoking California's hippie Dust Bowl fringe, honeyhoney's music contains a strong pull of Woody Guthrie-esque folk, vintage Buffalo Springfield, glints of Gram Parsons and bits of Bonnie Raitt's early blues, along with Rickie Lee Jones reality and Bakersfield Saturday nights.

To support the release of Billy Jack, the pair will take their full band on the road, starting Sept. 21 in Albuquerque, NM.

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