Monday, August 27, 2018

The Black Watch record release party is Thursday in Los Angeles; 'Witches' out now

The Black Watch will hold a record release party at Little Joy in Los Angeles on Thursday for its recently issued full-length effort "Witches." Event start time is 8 p.m., admission is free and the location is 1477 W. Sunset Blvd.

"Witches" was recorded on acoustic guitar at the Hollywood studio of Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and produced/mixed by Scott Campbell.

Of the track “Georgette, Georgette," singer and songwriter John Andrew Fredrick says it was the last song written for the record. I wrote the blasted thing at a backyard party at Rob Campanella’s house. I met a woman called Georgette and when she found out I was a songwriter, she challenged me to write a song with her name in it. I went into Rob’s studio control room and came out and played it for her maybe 15 minutes later.”

About "Witches," Fredrick notes that he was listening exclusively to Pink Floyd. The new collection reflects Fredrick’s goal to make something “that sounds like if Syd Barrett had joined New Order.”

Sixteen albums in, Fredrick is candid about his career, saying, “I reckon at this stage you could call me an artist who has been driven a bit mad by incessant creation. I know I cannot stop making things. 'Witches' is the work of a wee bit mad person. A functioning one -- an over-functioning one! Aren’t we all?”

The "Paper Boats" EP is also out now.

'Witches' track listing:

01. Dances For Sad Footsteps Slow
02. When We First Met
03. The Beginning of The End
04. Legerdemain
05. Graymalkin Comes
06. Georgette, Georgette (YOUTUBE | STREAM | MP3)
07. From Hampstead Heath
08. The Weird Sisters
09. Ode To Spring
10. 1966 Or So

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