Thursday, February 20, 2014

Presidents of the United States of America release new music

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Seattle’s Presidents of the United States of America just released the first new studio album in six years, Kudos To You. 

Drummer Jason Finn says, “we’re full-time part-timers now, and since 2009 or so have been enjoying a relaxed and limited touring schedule combined with liberal hammock time.  Hammock time is the best!”

When the trio booked two days with their longtime producer Martin Feveyear last October, “We definitely considered ourselves post album in the sense that we weren’t interested in pushing something out there for ‘business-y’ reasons. We don’t have the time to do a whole release-promote-tour-the-planet routine. It’s our comfy little 20-ish dates a year schedule which keeps us loving what we do!”

So into the studio they went…with no expectations, and no material other than Singer Chris Ballew’s notebook. A month later, Kudos To You was tracked, necessitating changing their annual PUSAFEST shows in Portland and Seattle to record-release shows.

Finn: “We’re lucky it’s the best time ever for connecting directly to fans, and we have very, very cool fans all over. We used Pledgemusic to get them involved in the process.”

Kudos To Your is a happy mix of old and new, "a fun listen and should eventually be purchased by everyone on the planet.”

Following a tour in Europe, PUSA will return for more dates this summer.

Track listing:

Slow Slow Fly
Crappy Ghost
Good Morning Tycoon
Poor Little Me
Rooftops in Spain
Stay with Me
Crown Victoria
Electric Spider

Finger Monster
Flea Vs. Mite
Innocent Bird
She's a Nurse

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