Saturday, June 15, 2013

ZZ Top newly accessible on iTunes, YouTube

The original mixes of ZZ Top's first 10 studio albums have been mastered specifically for iTunes and available now.

Included are: ZZ Tops’ First Album (1971), Rio Grande Mud (1972), Tres Hombres (1973), Fandango! (1975)*, Tejas (1976), Deg├╝ello (1979), El Loco (1981), Eliminator (1983), Afterburner (1985) and Recycler (1990).

They are available for individual download or bundled together in ZZ TOP: THE COMPLETE STUDIO ALBUMS (1970-1990). All 10 albums are also available on CD in a boxed set of the same name, with each album presented in a wallet sleeve that faithfully reproduces the original artwork, including the gatefold designs used for Tres Hombres and Tejas. This marks the first time that the original mixes for ZZ Tops’ First Album, Rio Grande Mud and Tejas are available on CD and as digital download.
Additionally, a dozen of ZZ TOP’s iconic videos are now available for the first time on YouTube. A full list is below or follow this link for a full playlist:
Today, Gibbons, Hill and Beard remain together performing and recording as, they often say, “the same three guys playing the same three chords.” The trio offered a statement regarding the release of ZZ TOP: THE COMPLETE STUDIO ALBUMS (1970-1990):

“We're gratified that the albums from the first 20 years of the band are going to be made available in this set. We're especially delighted to note the restoration of ZZ Top's First Album, Rio Grande Mud and Tejas has been incorporated; it's good to have been made whole again on a certain level.”  
*At inception, Fandango! was a seamless amalgamation of both studio and live recordings; the original track line up is intact for this set. 
ZZ TOP videos now available on YouTube:

GIMME ALL YOUR LOVIN’ (from Eliminator)
LEGS (from Eliminator)
SHARP DRESSED MAN (from Eliminator)
TV DINNERS (from Eliminator)
SLEEPING BAG (from Afterburner)
ROUGH BOY (from Afterburner)
STAGES (from Afterburner)
VELCRO FLY (from Afterburner)
GIVE IT UP (from Recycler)
BURGER MAN (from Recycler)
VIVA LAS VEGAS (from Greatest Hits)

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