Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Civil Wars news

The Civil Wars sophomore self-titled album will be released Aug. 6 on Sensibility Music/Columbia Records. This is the follow up to the three-time Grammy Award-winning duo’s acclaimed debut, Barton Hollow, which is now certified RIAA Gold in the U.S. 

In advance of the release, the album’s first single, “The One That Got Away,” is now available to purchase. See below for complete track listing. 

The Civil Wars was recorded in Nashville between August 2012 and January 2013. Charlie Peacock was once again at the helm as producer for the album. Additionally, Rick Rubin produced the duo’s performance for the track “I Had Me a Girl” in August of 2011. Peacock later completed the track by producing the instrumentation and mix. 

The album was recorded amidst a grueling touring schedule, exhausting workload and a growing disconnect from their families. Personal statements from band-members Joy Williams and John Paul White can be viewed at 

The Civil Wars Track Listing 

1. The One That Got Away
2. I Had Me a Girl
3. Same Old Same Old
4. Dust to Dust
5. Eavesdrop
6. Devil’s Backbone
7. From This Valley
8. Tell Mama
9. Oh Henry
10. Disarm
11. Sacred Heart
12. D’Arline


Jen said...

I love their new single The One That Got Away. Have you seen the studio video yet?

newwavegeo said...

Hi Jen-
No, but I hope to soon.