Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New project from Erasure, Orbital members

Vince Clarke & Paul Hartnoll have confirmed details of their album 2Square, due
June 10 via VeryRecords. It will be available as a download only.

Watch the video for “Better Have A Drink To Think” HERE.

Clarke and Hartnoll have composed and recorded 8 tracks in the style of ‘Home House,’ their "music you can dance to in the privacy of your own living room."

Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) recalls how it all came about. "Vince approached me and asked if I wanted to work with him on some tracks he had demoed. I set about adding and fiddling around and then we both spent a week finishing and mixing the record in my Brighton studio. Between us we’ve chalked up more than 50 years of making electronic dance music, we’re both Dads, and it was time to hold out the hand of collaboration and help each other up onto the dance floor to dance as only Dads can."

2Square is an electronic mish-mash of cut-up vocals, house grooves and blippy, distorted synths, a weird union of Orbital Rave and Erasure Pop. From the atmospheric journey of intricate poly rhythms and mournful vocals featured in “The Echoes” to precision machine rhythm underpinning a zany trumpet in “Do-A-Bong,” 2Square is an infectious home house odyssey that will induce toe tapping in all and even inspire some to get off their sofas to dance.

Track listing:

1 Better Have A Drink To Think
2 Zombie Blip
3 The Echoes
4 Do-A-Bong
5 The Shortcut
6 Single Function
7 All Out
8 Underwater

Album pre-order is available now from Itunes

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