Saturday, October 5, 2013

Phil Collen side project Manraze to release EP

Manraze, the rock band featuring Def Leppard lead guitarist Phil Collen, Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and bassist Simon Laffy (from Collen's former glam band Girl), will release their new EP I Surrender on Nov. 12.
I Surrender will be comprised of three songs, including the title track, “All I Wanna Do,” a different version than what first appeared on the trio’s 2011 sophomore album punkfunkrootsrock. The final track is “Connected" (Live from Shepherd’s Bush) - a live studio performance from a studio podcast session, not previously released.

The first single, “I Surrender,” was nearly forgotten about, explains Collen, "The song is eight years old. It practically never got finished. I was on tour last year and started singing the chorus. Early this year, I re-did the guitars to Paul's original demo drums. I did a vocal and Simon played new basslines...We feel this is our best song yet."

Since the last album release, Collen has continued as lead guitarist for Def Leppard, currently promoting their Def Leppard Viva! Hysteria Concert live album and DVD release this month.

Cook has been working with Edwyn Collins, first on his 2013 album release Understated, and then touring with Collins playing live shows. Currently, Cook is also playing in Subway Sect with Vic Goddard touring and recording a new album. 

Laffy has taken his talents into another creative lane, having authored two novels in his ‘off-time’, Red Sunrise and Seed of Satan. Both are historical fictions, set around epic events of the 20th century and are in the process of being published.

It all started in 2004, when Phil Collen, after 20+ years as lead guitarist for Def Leppard, decided to express himself via another creative outlet. After a chance meeting on the street with Paul Cook, Manraze released their debut album Surreal through Universal Records in 2008.

Listen to first single, “I Surrender,” here: 

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