Monday, February 14, 2011

Post-Grammy Awards thoughts

There sure were more memorable performances on the Grammy Award telecast than usual last night: Arcade Fire, Mick Jagger, Muse, Cee-Lo Green & Gwynyth Paltrow, Mayer, Jones & Urban, Mumford & Sons (though Bob Dylan was more croaky than usual), Bruno Mars.

Arcade Fire and Muse showed why they are so great live and Jagger was simply electrifying (what was up with the camera work though? Sometimes it looked pixilated during Arcade Fire and Muse. Were those segments shot in hi-def?)

People who say the Stones should stop performing live these days just needed to see Mick all over that stage, acting more spry than some people half his age.

I was glad to see Eminem only pick up two trophies (he's overrated and offensive), was a bit bummed Florence & the Machine didn't get Best New Artist, yet pleased several of my "should win" picks came true. I literaly cheered at Arcade Fire's surprise win.

As always, I wished there was a way for us to see more people receive their awards. I always liked seeing the non-televised winners scrolled on the screen between commercials. Announcer Ellen K from KIIS-FM/LA sure was annoying with her blather every time there was a commercial.


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