Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"American Idol" watch

It was a disco theme on "American Idol" last night and the contestants' choices were very narrow. You'd think the era consisted solely of the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack and Donna Summer. They definitely could've used more variety.

Consistently likeable Kris Allen put an acoustic guitar spin on Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money" that turned out good. And Adam Lambert impressed again with a torchy take on the Yvonne Elliman-popularized (and Bee Gees-penned) "If I Can't Have You" off "Fever". It had the 'wow' factor. I don't think Matt Giraud was as bad as the judges thought during "Stayin' Alive." Both Lil' Rounds and the grating Alison should go this week, but I bet they'll continue because they're female and there needs to be some opposite dynamic at play.

Ryan Seacrest got on my nerves (when doesn't he?) by announcing some of the original artists, but not others. The guy hosts "American Top 40" on the radio so he must know them. It's obvious he ad-libs a lot on the show and doesn't always read a teleprompter, so there's no excuse.

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Robert Kinsler said...

Great overview of Coachella '09 George! I loved how you captured the wide-ranging style of this outdoor desert festival.