Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol Watch 2009

It was Motown night on 'Idol' yesterday and Smokey Robinson, who wrote a good chunk of the label's 1960s and '70s hits, was the guest mentor. He didn't really have much to say to the singers though.

Adam knocked another one out of the park with a quietly affecting take on "Tracks of My Tears." Matt exuded the right amount of sensuality for "Let's Get it On." And Kris' "How Sweet it Is" was joyfully endearing (his outfit reminded me of a G.I.).

I don't know what was up with Paula and Simon. First she pulled out a coloring book and markers for him and he later used them on her face. The judges went a bit overboard with their praise of Alison. I find her grating. None of the remaining gals are very interesting at all.

It was surprising to see Danny actually getting advice from Smokey on the taped intro to sing some background parts on "Get Ready," looking like he agreed, then totally disregarding it onstage. And none of the judges called him on it!

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