Thursday, May 8, 2008

American Idol results show

Hallelujah! I didn't think Jason Castro (or as I referred to him - this year's Sanjaya) would ever get cut from the "Idol" competition. Simon was right Tuesday when he said, "I think you'd better start packing your bags."

After the viewer call-in question about what has been the biggest challenge this season came in, Castro answered, "getting the brain working." That just said it all, didn't it?

The more I hear David Archuleta speak in the "Idol" taped segments and chats with Ryan Seacrest, the more I think he's immature for his age (17). The "Idol" producers are going to have to put him through major interview training if he makes the top 2 and before he goes on the summer tour.

Archuleta has a good voice, but apparently his overbearing father pulls some major strings on this puppet.

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Robert Kinsler said...

I agree,
Jason had to go. Of the three singers who remain, David Cook is the best singer, most original and the one most likely to make music that is credible...