Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol: The Final Showdown

Welcome to the Boomtown! Ever since The Davids were announced as the final two on "American Idol," I couldn't help thinking about "Boomtown," a mid-80's hit by David+David.

All the boxing metaphors last night got a little old after about 10 minutes. Talk about padding the hour with nonsense. How about getting rid of that stuff, sell fewer commercials and actually let the contestants sing a song in full? What a concept!

Among the songs they picked, Cook really nailed U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," while Archuleta was just so-so on Elton John/Bernie Taupin's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.

The kid (no, he's not quite a man yet, despite Seacrest and others' descriptions of "these men") needs to get his emotions in check. I thought he was going to pass out while listening to the judges' critiques. What is he going to do if he wins tonight?

Contrary to the judges opinions, Cook also did a wonderful job on Collective Soul's "The World I Know." A nice touch when he played guitar.

As expected, Archuleta (or his domineering father who was banned from backstage a few weeks ago) conveniently excised the lines "Imagine there's no heaven/It's easy if you try" on John Lennon's "Imagine." Why? Apparently because he's from Utah and a Mormon. Well, if you get to choose your own song and object to the lyrics - DON'T SING IT AGAIN! The arrangement was wretched and he keeps ignoring Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's advice to open his eyes while singing. I hate it when I watch a performer and their eyes are closed most of the time.

I have a feeling all the teenage girls are going to lead Archuleta to a win tonight. No matter, all the top 12 contestants usually end up with a record deal anyway. Someone who didn't even make it to the Hollywood round got signed by Warner Bros. recently.

Wonder who the special finale guests are going to be and whether they'll be some awful pop fluff...

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