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LIVE's 'Throwing Copper' to get deluxe reissue; touring with Bush

Since I write one of the Radioactive Records label biographies for the original album, I can't wait to experience this reissue.

Both LIVE and Bush sounded sharp as ever when I saw their brief sets at The Roxy in March. Read the press release below for more info...

On July 19, Radioactive/MCA/UMe will mark the 25th anniversary of LIVE’s sophomore album Throwing Copper with a deluxe multi-format reissue. The Super Deluxe 25th Anniversary Throwing Copper box set edition not only features the album with bonus tracks on 2LP black vinyl, and a 12-page booklet with an in-depth interview with the band chronicling the era of the album, but it also contains 2CDs with a 26-track lineup that includes LIVE’s previously unreleased, explosive eight-song performance at Woodstock ’94 on a separate disc.

The 25th anniversary Throwing Copper collection will also be made available in a deluxe digital version, as well as a standalone 1CD set as well. Pre-order Throwing Copper now and listen to the Bonus Track of “Hold Me Up” here

Initially released on April 26, 1994, Throwing Copper topped the Billboard 200 Albums chart a year after its initial release, featured a pair of No. 1 Modern Rock singles (“Lightning Crashes,” “Selling The Drama”) and has been certified 8x multiplatinum by the RIAA, having sold over 8 million copies. Produced by Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), it was recorded at Pachyderm Recording Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. 

“Throwing Copper is big songs, big feelings, big dynamics,” observes vocalist Ed Kowalczyk. “It was us taking the cart and throwing it way ahead of the horse, and we hoped the horse would eventually catch up. We had a ‘let’s build it and hope they come’ attitude.” Adds bassist Patrick Dahlheimer, “While touring for Mental Jewelry, the rooms were getting bigger, and I wanted our new music to fill those places and beyond. With Throwing Copper, I just knew it had to be more grand.”

From there, LIVE scored a key slot at Woodstock ’94 on August 12, 1994, in addition to their first appearance on Saturday Night Live on January 21, 1995, and a set for MTV Unplugged on February 15, 1995 — all factored into Throwing Copper’s ascent to the top of the Billboard albums chart on May 6, 1995.

“When you listen to it now,” guitarist Chad Taylor says of their notable Woodstock ’94 appearance, “the crowd is so loud, they literally overcome the sound of the band at times. It’s magical! As I was mixing the audio for this re-release, it was giving me chills. Because I realized it was the band is in its primal infancy — the true birth of LIVE.”

The hit “Lightning Crashes” took LIVE and Throwing Copper to the next level. “Everyone in the band felt ‘Lightning Crashes’ could be a big single,” admits drummer Chad Gracey. “That was based on, one, the greatness of the song, but also, two, the way bands at that time would build to their album’s big ballad. We thought if we could get two singles out and then ‘Lightning Crashes,’ it could be successful and huge.”

Kowalczyk humbly recognizes how Throwing Copper continues to elicit indelible, deep-rooted feelings to this day.“The fact that these songs have become part of our fans’ DNA — that this album still matters to them and there’s still such an emotional connection — that is the real accomplishment,” he concludes. “All of the other things are great, that there are all of these trophy moments to reminisce about. But at the end of the day, the process and the journey and the music transcend all of those.”

As mentioned here recently (, fans can catch LIVE onstage this summer as co-headliners of The ALTIMATE Tour with Bush and Our Lady Peace.The ALTIMATE Tour's early launch event happened at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on March 12.

Preorder LIVE’s Throwing Copper here

Track listing:

Throwing Copper – 25th Anniversary (Disc 1)

1. The Dam At Otter Creek
2. Selling The Drama
3. I Alone
4. Iris
5. Lightning Crashes
6. Top
7. All Over You
8. Shit Towne
9. T.B.D.
10. Stage
11. Waitress
12. Pillar Of Davidson
13. White, Discussion
14. Horse (Hidden Track On Original Release)
15. Hold Me Up (Bonus Track)
16. We Deal In Dreams (Bonus Track)
17. Susquehanna (Bonus Track)

Woodstock ’94 (Disc 2; previously unreleased)

1. Iris
2. Top
3. The Beauty Of Gray
4. Selling The Drama
5. Shit Towne
6. Lightning Crashes
7. I Alone
8. Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition)
9. White, Discussion

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